Colors In The Dark

Groovy Lee
Colors In The Dark


Release Date
August 2015
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Hailey Campbell was raised by her adoptive mother, Big-Mama, in a home filled with unconditional love and foster children. Her biological mother was a heroin addict and couldn't keep her; her father, a right-wing conservative with a secret vice his social circle must never discover. So, it was a blessing that someone with so much to give raised her to be a strong, intelligent woman whose loyalty to those she loved knew no boundaries. And that would come in handy when her best friend, Meagan, decided to leave her abusive husband, and Hailey was right there by her side as her moral and physical support; or when it became her responsibility to rescue her play-niece from the Ransom Militia Compound in Sweet Tea, Mississippi before she loses her to the First Amendment; and in the middle of it all, when a beautiful, mysterious man named Manley enters her life and changes her pessimistic views of men and love forever.
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