Secret Love

Fiona McGier
Secret Love
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Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid
Release Date
January 2011
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Sheena has been an international agent for the past twelve years...twelve long years of constant movement, being sent all over the world to do what she hopes are good things in other countries. She has enjoyed most of the aspects of her exciting life, including the many men she has been able to amuse herself with during her rare time-off days in-between assignments. She has never been tempted to break the cardinal rule, which is that agents are not allowed to have emotions, which are too dangerous in their line of work. She has spent years suppressing them quite successfully.

When a famous actor walks into the safe-house bar in Berlin where she is beginning a few days of down-time, she decides that seducing him is just the thing she needs to help her ignore the strange feeling of discontent that she has been plagued with lately. Tall and bronzed, the Native American actor has long black hair and a commanding air that interests everyone else in the bar as well.

But to her delight, his eyes are only on Sheena. They spend days in her borrowed apartment, discovering the joys to be had in sharing their bodies with each other.

Slowly, Sheena is forced to realize that she is developing feelings...finding out that Cory is already in love with her adds another layer of danger. She will have to leave him when she is given her next assignment...that has never been a problem for her before.

Will she be able to forget him once she leaves him? Will he ever forgive her? Since she is not ever supposed to see the same man twice, will it matter?

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Apr 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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For those of us who have ever dreamed about ditching the work-a-day world and becoming secret agents, fighting bad guys and saving the free world, this book is a great chance to live the life vicariously. The risks are great, but for one agent who is willing to break a few rules, the reward might just be more than she ever imagined.

Sheena Nelson is very good at her job. Thirteen years into a fifteen-year contract to a shadowy government operation that's so secretive that no one knows its real name, she has long ago exceeded the life expectancy for a field agent. However, having spent so long stifling her emotions, Sheena is unsure if she is still able to feel for another person. Though she would probably never admit it, Sheena is lonely, and enters an Agency bar in Berlin in the hopes of finding someone to keep her company during her weekend off.

And does she ever find someone! Hickory Woods—Cory, for short—is a well-known actor, visiting Berlin on a film shoot. Desperate to get away from the fans and the paparazzi, he comes to this bar in the hopes of some peace and quiet. But instead, he finds himself sitting beside a sizzling redhead whose kiss seems to have the ability to change his life. And after a weekend spent in her apartment above the bar, it would seem she has done just that. Because now, Cory can't picture his life without the woman he knows as Leonora in it.

Having been raised by a mother who never believed in marriage and having already sowed his wild oats, Cory is ready to make a commitment. Which is quite problematic, considering that the woman he was ready to stay with forever has just disappeared, without leaving any hint as to her whereabouts, or if he will ever see her again.

A year later, Sheena is once again on the job, part of a team with two Irish brothers and trying to lose herself in her work. The memories of Cory and their weekend together are still too close and too real for her to have any real perspective. So when she runs into the man himself at a club and realizes that Cory is just as unable to move on, their affair picks up again right where they left off. Only this time, Cory needs her to stay, for as long as she can, and to come back as soon as she is able.

But such a commitment requires honesty, and soon, there is no way that Sheena can hide the truth from him. Even if Cory is willing to accept her job, and wait until the day Sheena is allowed to resign her position, there is no way to guarantee that either of them will live long enough to see that day. Because loving a secret agent means being just a step away from the danger of her life, and when an enemy comes back to get his revenge on Sheena, Cory finds himself quickly in the crosshairs.

I thought the chemistry between Sheena and Cory was quite well done. From the moment they met, you could feel the connection between them. Though there are numerous mentions of the two of them chatting and sharing their stories during their time together, I wish as a reader I had been able to overhear more of those exchanges. There is no doubt at all that the two of them are superb together physically, but I would have liked to have seen them have a little more verbal bonding time.

I especially would have liked to have heard more about Sheena. Though we get some details about her recruitment and assignments, I feel like I learned far more about Cory and his family than I did about Sheena, who seems like a really fascinating character. There is a great set of secondary characters in the book—especially Malcolm, Sheena's partner. He managed to stay cool, collected and still make me laugh, especially after he meets Cody's brother. I'd love to learn more about both them and learn about their further…exploits.

The scenes where we got a glance of Sheena the Super Secret Agent were great. She and her team are the best of the best and the moments of action were wonderfully tense. I just wish there were more of them! The contrasts between the suspense and violence of Sheena's job made the peace and happiness of her life with Cody that much more remarkable, and Sheena the Agent is a different person than she is with Cody. Being able to see all the complexities of these character's lives would have rounded the book out beautifully.

All in all, this is most definitely a steamy little adventure with characters that really do seem to be made for each other. The final reckoning with the villains was a scene to make your pulse race, and it was great to watch Sheena and Cody find their Happy Ending. I really enjoyed the premise of the story, and the chance to escape for a little while from the drabness of Boston's April showers to such an exotic hideaway!
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