Kari Gregg
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Kari Gregg
Release Date
March 2016
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

With a lycan father, a human mother, and the human side of his genetic makeup dominant, Luke left his birth pack to try living among humans, but he felt awkward and uncomfortable isolated from the culture that raised him. He's still searching for where he fits in.

After losing his family in a vicious attack, Dean rebuilt his pack by accepting loners, rejects, other survivors, and even ferals. He and his ragtag group of strays made a warm and welcoming home.

Luke believes he's finally found where he belongs. Meddling parents and a neighbor who isn't as human as he seems won't sway him. Luke wants Dean to take in one last stray...him.

Content Warning: Shifter knotting/tying, mating heats (yes, plural), and jerky!
A 40,643 word short novel

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
May 23, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This was a very nicely made reinvention of a pack's dynamics. The world created by the author managed to bring the reader to a creative and different interaction among lycans and humans.

Luke is tired of living among humans; having a lycan father and a human mother makes him feel inadequate to live between them. He decides to seek a pack where he can feel safe. A place where he can belong. Dean is known for accepting rejects, but, with enough reasons to mistrust humans, is he willing to let one join his pack?

The world building was one of the strongest elements in the book. It was nice to see a different portrayal of the pack's interactions, but at times, it felt like it was too much, and took little time to develop the plot. The pace was mostly slow, but it managed to keep my attention the whole time.

Another thing I enjoy about it was the part discrimination play among both groups--lycans and humans. It felt realistic and I was trying to guess how the characters might react if they face it.

Luke is a human, but his father's heritage makes him have very strong lycan's traits. That makes him crave a feeling of belonging. He's the character that had the major spotlight on the book, and yet, I didn't feel like I really got to know him. There were feelings I get from him, like how insecure he was, but other than that, he wasn't particularly likable.

Dean was mostly a mystery. It was hard to know how he feels, or how he would react to anything. In spite of that, I felt like I care more for him than I did for Luke. Their relationship was a little underdeveloped. I felt like they spend little time together and that was bothersome, because I wanted to feel something from this two.

Jeremy, though a secondary character, stole the show for me. I fell in love with him in the first scene I met him. He was fun, intriguing and a delight to read. I only hope there's another book in the making with him as a main character, because he would be an amazing protagonist.

There is mention of past abuse in the book, but is off page and there isn't graphic description of it.

Overall I feel like it was a very entertaining reading, nicely written. I think anyone who like shifter's stories would enjoy it.
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