Submitting to the Clan

Caitlin Ricci
Submitting to the Clan
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eXtasy Books
Release Date
February 2016
Book 1 of Master of Dragons
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Cast out from his clan, ice dragon Avery is searching for a new home when he comes across someone who refuses to treat him the way he's always known.

As a clan whore Avery knows where his place is in the dragon world; at the very bottom. He's grown used to that and to being expected to be available to anyone in the clan who wants him. But when he's thrown out of his clan and left to fend for himself he becomes lost in the world. While searching for a new clan to belong to he comes across Donovan, a powerful dragon unlike any he's ever met.

Donovan doesn't allow whores in his clan because to him everyone should be equal, but convincing Avery that he's worth more than what he's always been told he is turns out to be a frustrating task for both of them. Avery doesn't want to be a whore anymore, but he has never known anything else, and Donovan refuses to treat him like that. They'll have to heal the scars of Avery's past abuse if they hope to ever have a future together.

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Apr 17, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Behavioural conditioning is difficult to break and recondition. Sometimes it is a necessity because the conditioning is detrimental to one's health.

Avery is a young dragon shifter who only knows pain, degradation and abuse. As the least powerful shifter, he is at the bottom of the pecking order which means he is always the whore. Whores are abused and treated poorly. When they are no longer attractive, they are discarded like yesterday's garbage. Cast out again, Avery has nowhere to go and may die from starvation, cold and exhaustion.

I am going to be pedantic here. Avery is not a whore. Whores are paid at least a little money. Avery is a sexual slave. He isn't even a slut in my book because he doesn't want to give the sex away for free. This little pet peeve aside, the story is depressing. The first in the series, this dragon world is bleak, cruel and antagonistic. There also seems to be only male dragons which is a little odd as it begs the question, where do they come from? How does one become a dragon shifter if there are no females? How do they procreate? Speaking of procreating, let's discuss the sex scenes. From an erotic scene perspective, there is a hint of kink. None of it is arousing for me because Avery is so bloody damaged. Donovan is noble and trying to do the right thing. Poor bugger is stuck with blue balls.

The characters are simplistic and easy to understand. A reader only feels pity for Avery. He is like an abused dog. He flinches in response to sudden movements. He cowers into himself. It just about breaks a reader's heart how demoralized and defiled he has been. As with all abused animals and humans, it takes a long time to break free of this mentality. Lucky for Avery, he found a clan with a strong and gentle leader--Donovan. This relationship-driven storyline is sweet if a bit frustrating. Ms. Ricci does a nice job of showing Avery's confusion and demonstrating Donovan's patience.

This short story moves at a nice, easy pace. There is an odd tangent regarding Avery's dislike of flying in the cold rain. Not sure if there is supposed to be more tie-in about this point or if it is to once again demonstrate that Avery will put everyone's needs above his own. Still, the happily ever after is a sweet ending for a potential better future. Recommended to m/m paranormal readers who enjoy angst and a loving alpha male.
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