Slow & Steady

Kendall Ryan
Slow & Steady
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Kendall Ryan Books
Release Date
April 2016
Book 2 of Alphas Undone
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

When Greyson Archer tosses a twenty on the stage of a strip club, the last thing he expects to see are the haunted green eyes staring back at him. Finley should be home raising her infant daughter and baking cookies, not tucking singles into her G-string and giving lap dances.

Greyson can't deny that he'd like his own private show, but there's not a chance in hell of that happening. The last time the former Navy SEAL saw her she was dressed in black, holding a folded flag and sobbing that it was all his fault... and he agreed with every single word. He couldn't do anything to help her then, but he can now.

Finley deserves better than this dingy club, and when an obsessed customer crosses the line, Greyson leads the rescue and will do whatever it takes to make amends for their broken past.

He never expected to want to settle down, but with Finley, everything is different. For the first time ever, he can breathe. But Greyson will have to fight for what he wants in order to keep the woman with the green eyes he's dreamed about so often.

Slow & Steady is book 2 in the Alphas Undone series, but can be read as a standalone novel, as it features a new couple.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 15, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SLOW & STEADY is the definition of a Cinderella story, you know, if Cinderella was a stripper and Prince Charming found solace in the bottom of a bottle.

Greyson Archer is stunned when he finds his dead friend's wife Finley Sutton collecting dollars in her G-string on stage at a strip club. It was Greyson's fault that Marcus died, and both of them have suffered every day since, but Greyson sees his timely reconnection with Finley as a sign that maybe it's time for them both to start healing…together.

SLOW & STEADY is book 2 in the Alphas Undone series and I had high hopes for Grayson and Finley since I'm a fan of Ms. Ryan's work. Unfortunately, this one fell seriously flat for me for a few reasons. First, the pair had a very tenuous and volatile connection (and not in that hot, slam you against the wall with sexual frustration sort of way), which made the chemistry non-existent for me. I didn't feel the passion whatsoever between them. And I'm not sure exactly what was going on with the danger aspect of this story, since it started off strong but fizzled like a month old balloon when it came down to it. When Finley got "rescued," I was confused, and thought I somehow must have missed the climax, but nope, it just wasn't there, despite Finley's claim of Grayson's "dramatic rescue."

I did like the vulnerability that the characters had; they were both unique and totally broken. The big bright spot was Grayson's relationship with Finley's daughter, which was sweet and adorable. Also a big plus is that the cover art was delicious and the editing was just about flawless. These things saved this book from a lower rating from me.

Bottom Line: While this isn't my favorite book from Ms. Ryan, I still count myself as a fan and look forward to reading more of her work.
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