Dying for a Bite

Marie Booth
Dying for a Bite
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Release Date
August 2015
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Estelle's a sweet Southern girl with lots of spirit but low self-esteem when it comes to her very curvy body. When she's seduced and bitten by two of the sexiest, most desirable vampires in Shortfalls, Georgia, her sexuality's coming alive for the first time. Thanks to the two sexy hunks she's living with, she discovers her erogenous zones are her favorite highway to heaven. Could un-life get any better?

Nathaniel enjoyed seducing bloody gorgeous Estelle, but when her charms worked their magic on him, he lost control and bit her. Now he's her maker, responsible for her training. While he plans to enjoy every minute of Estelle's sexual instruction, particularly sharing her with the love of his life, Maurice, Maurice is not as enthusiastic.

When Estelle intrudes on his perfect life with Nathan, Maurice is not happy. Sure, the woman's body is easy to arouse and enjoy--he has to admit--but he's now determined to take back control. The fangs are coming out and so are the cuffs.

But when danger strikes their nest in the form of a rival gang, Estelle, Nathaniel and Maurice learn they're bound together by more than sex and blood.

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Apr 18, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Estelle is a sweet southern girl with lots of spirit but low self-esteem who comes alive for the first time when she's seduced and bitten by two of the sexiest vampires in Shortfalls, Georgia in this enthralling paranormal romance.

Because he lost control and bit Estelle, Nathaniel is now her maker and he plans to enjoy every minute of her sexual instruction, but Maurice isn't happy. The reader can't help but be captivated as Maurice gets out the cuffs and tries to take back control. There are lots of sizzling chemistry heating up the pages and scorching hot intimate scenes that includes some BDSM and naughty biting. But with some jealousy issues getting in the way, the relationship also has quite a bit of emotional turmoil. The characters are strong and draw readers into their story as the fast paced and smooth flowing plot holds them captive with suspense, excitement, romance and a bit of humor to spice things up.

Spine tingling tension and excitement builds as a rival gang of vampires strike at their nest and causes quite a bit of distressing chaos and includes some torture, and an ex and some family members cause quite a few chuckles and additional enjoyment. The scenes are well written and full of great detailing which makes it easy for the reader to become engrossed in the story and makes the characters come to life.

Marie Booth has certainly captured my attention with her first ménage story ever. She mixed in some interesting elements that make her vampires a bit different and some humor in with all the emotional angst that would stem from such events as happened in this story. I will definitely be looking for more stories from this author and keeping my fingers crossed that maybe we'll get more stories in this world as well.
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