Her Charming Heartbreaker

Sonia Parin
Her Charming Heartbreaker


Sonia Parin
Release Date
July 2015
Book 1 of A Town Named Eden
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

When Theo Kendrick flies from L.A. to the small country town of Eden, Australia with a time sensitive task of finding his father's old flame, his attention is diverted by Eddie Faydon – the fiery redheaded, dart throwing, wild boar hunting co-owner of Eden's only pub, The Gloriana. Theo wears his halo on a crooked angle, but exploring possibilities with Eddie is one complication too many in his already hectic life. Besides, he's already been shuffled off to the second place podium when his fiancée fell in love again with her ex. He won't risk exposing his feelings again. But there are powers beyond his control at work in Eden. Eddie believes she's either being hounded by Murphy's Law or plagued by the disasters come in threes adage and has her sights set on a third disastrous relationship so she can finally have the happy-ever-after she craves. Trying to talk her out of getting her heart broken results in a bruised jaw, many tulips, a Beagle named Murphy and the threat of a visit from Eddie's double barrel shotgun wielding grandmother…


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