All Heart and Mischief

Sonia Parin
All Heart and Mischief


Sonia Parin
Release Date
January 2016
Book 4 of A Town Named Eden
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Joyce Breeland's traumatic childhood hasn't held her back. She's made a life for herself in the small alpine town of Eden and everyone in her life matters. Including Bradford Mills - the man who taunts her with his indifference. They have a good working relationship - he buys coffee from her, she sells him coffee, and no matter what she brews for him, she can't crack his calm exterior. Then everything changes. She's gone too far and now she suspects him of being a hired killer on vacation...

One day Joyce Breeland is a minx, the next she's parading around as a Nutcracker soldier, or a Christmas angel. Watching Joyce embrace life almost as if she wanted to give her past a middle finger salute adds to the entertainment value and has kept Bradford Mills relatively sane. He's waited a year to resume his career as overseas correspondent for a major newspaper. This isn't the time to stop avoiding Joyce. While going to her rescue has lowered his guard, he feels Joyce deserves someone who's good to the core and he only has sarcasm and cynicism to offer her. However, he knows his uncle lured him to this small town for a reason. When he realizes what it is, his life will never be the same again.


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