A Kept Woman

Daryl Devore
A Kept Woman
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New Dawning Bookfair
Release Date
February 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Desperately unemployed, Arianne, answers an ad that reads 'Woman Wanted'. With miniscule hours and excellent pay, she accepts the position of courtesan to Derek, a handsomely dashing man, whom she finds out is a billionaire. Engaging in a game of cat and mouse, will they drive each other crazy…or will they fall in love first.

Book Review by Sugarbeat's Books (reviewer)
Apr 18, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A KEPT WOMAN takes the idea of a classified ad for sex, gives it a unique spin and ends up with a winner. This book has a feisty underdog heroine, a rich and pampered hero that needs a bit of molding and a great plot. Definitely a must read!

Arianne has just been dumped by Kyle, her latest boyfriend and complains to her gay roommate, Taylor, that she hates men. She blames them for the downturn in the economy that caused her to lose her job, and she hates them for the position that she is in!

Desperate for money and a job, she settles down with the paper and sees an ad for "Woman wanted." There is an e-box number associated with the ad. When she looks at the ad, it reads: "Hi, I'm Derek. I'm looking for a woman. I don't want a girlfriend or a lover. Just a mutually sexually satisfying companion. The work will be minimal and the pay will be excellent. If interested, e-mail me your name and introduction -- 100 words or less -- and a photo to entice me to hire you."

After thinking about it, she takes a picture of herself nude and writes up a little note. She gets a response quickly and arranges a meeting for the next Tuesday.

Derek is a multi-billionaire who is tired of women manipulating him. He has a high-pressure job as the CEO of the company he bought from his father and one night, after a particularly rough day, he decides that he just wants someone to screw once a week. No questions, no relationship, no dates, no fuss. What he finds in Arianne is someone who challenges him, who doesn't allow him to get his way because of his money or his position.

A KEPT WOMAN is a pretty interesting read! On the surface, it's somewhat offensive as Derek is essentially hiring a prostitute, and Arianne has become so desperate that she takes a job as his prostitute. There is so much more to this story, however!

The author has created multidimensional characters that keep the story hopping right along. The sex is pretty graphic, but it completely fits in with the storyline. These characters don't just fall in love as one would expect in a happily ever after. There are many roadblocks along their path to happiness! The secondary characters are wonderfully crafted and provide an interesting dimension to the story.

The only issue I had with the story was a BDSM section part way through the story that I didn't feel needed to be present for the storyline to still succeed. With the exception of this particular part, this story is a page-turner that keeps the reader engaged and riding the ups and downs of the plot from beginning to end!
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