The Bad Boy's Guilt

Sara Daniel
The Bad Boy's Guilt
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Release Date
April 2016
Book 2 of The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow
Contemporary Romance

Nicole trusted Wyatt with her heart once. She won't make the same mistake twice.

A broken-down car destroys Nicole DeMonde's plan to be cool and self-sufficient when she returns to her hometown for her brother's wedding. The cop who comes to her rescue is none other than local hottie Wyatt Truman, who slept with her then dumped her when they were teens. She has no choice but to accept his help. However, she knows better than to trust him with her heart twice.

Wyatt is determined to earn Nicole's forgiveness and make amends for his callous past. Once he lays eyes on her, he can't help wanting more than forgiveness. In fact, his intentions are starting to bear a suspicious resemblance to the forever variety.

If she can't avoid Wyatt, a one-night stand might be just the thing Nicole needs to work him out of her system. Or will her recovery plan destroy her heart once and for all?

WARNING: Contains naughty words Grandma wouldn't approve of, smoking hot love scenes Grandma can't get enough of, all the quirks of small-town life, and a swoon-worthy, no-cliffhangers-no-regrets romance.

Books in The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow series:

1. The Bad Boy's Gift

2. The Bad Boy's Guilt

3. The Bad Boy's Guarantee (available April 26, 2016)

4. The Bad Boy's Goodness (available May 10, 2016)

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
May 19, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The bad boys return to Regret Hollow, and this time, there's handcuffs.

Nicole DeMonde is on her way back to Regret Hollow for her brother's wedding, and regret is the first thing she feels when she thinks of her colossal high school mistake, Wyatt Truman. She expected to see Wyatt when playing maid of honor to his best man; she didn't expect to see him in uniform rescuing her on the side of the road! The Regret Hollow bad boy screwed her senseless and left her without a word back in high school, and she's not above a little revenge herself now that she's seen him. But those pesky feelings keep getting in the way of what should be an effortless fling.

THE BAD BOY'S GUILT is the 2nd book in The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow series by Ms. Daniel. After my tepid enjoyment of the first book in the series, I had hoped for something a little juicier in this offering, but what I got was a big dose of cheese, ruining the entire dish for me. Ugh! I hate bad puns in romance books, and for some reason Ms. Daniel feels they're necessary to the integrity of her books (the first book wasn't cheese-free either), severely diminishing the nicely written and sexy book she put together. I'm sure some would argue that the characters are being "playful," but play with other words, damn it!

Otherwise, THE BAD BOY'S GUILT was a good read, edited well and filled with great sexual tension between Wyatt and Nicole. There's nothing earth-shattering or fresh about this read, in fact it's pretty mundane, but nonetheless it's a decent way to spend a few hours.

Bottom Line: If you can get past the terrible police puns, this isn't too bad of a read.
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