Her Fantasy Husband

Nina Croft
Her Fantasy Husband
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Entangled Publishing
Release Date
March 2016
Book 2 of Things To Do Before You Die...
Contemporary Romance

Security Company CEO Josh Slater put his life on hold when he said "I do" to protect a stranger. While his marriage was never meant to be real, he hasn't even seen his wife in five years-Josh can't shake the idea that he'd be cheating if he moves on. Now he's a man with a mission: chase down his "wife," get an annulment, and finally indulge in a little no-strings sex.

Heiress Alexia Slater entered into a marriage of convenience straight out of high school to gain control of her inheritance before her not-so loving family squandered the whole thing. She doesn't want the marriage to be real-she's fought hard for her independence-but that hasn't stopped her from spending the last five years fantasizing about her gorgeous husband. Then he shows up.

Josh wants an annulment. Lexi needs to stay married. When the chemistry explodes between them, there's no stopping the battle of wills only one of them can win...

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Apr 01, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HER FANTASY HUSBAND is a sweet, romantic story with some laugh out loud moments.

Josh and Lexi entered into a marriage of convenience five years ago and then they never saw each other again...until now. For reasons of his own, Josh wanted out NOW, but Lexi isn't having it. The reasons she needed to be married five years ago are still there, but now, it's become all the more complicated due to their attraction to each other...

I identified immediately with Lexi. For all her wealth, she's down to earth, unassuming, and her voice is funny and engaging. A delightful heroine. Josh, on the other hand, is sexy and utterly delicious. His reason for wanting out from their marriage is funny and he himself admits that it was shallow, but hey, I suppose he could be forgiven since he thought of it when he was nearing death's door. They were hot together; whew, that first kiss alone is a glimpse into the sizzling chemistry these two have.

The author's writing style is easy to read and she swoops the reader immediately into the situation from the first page. Though the set up may be a little unrealistic, but it's easy enough to suspend disbelief with such lovely characters that make readers root for them to have their HEA.

The ending was a little pat for me, as all bows were tied with pretty ribbons, but for the several hours of light entertainment this book has given me, I'm willing to forgive much.

If you love marriage of convenience stories with all its related angst, you'll surely love this!
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