The Stars in the Sky

Leslie McAdam
The Stars in the Sky
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Release Date
March 2016
Book 2 of Giving You...
Erotic Romance, Western Romance

When foul-mouthed, tattooed, vegan Marie Diaz-Austin accepted a summer internship on a ranch north of Santa Barbara to work with underprivileged and special needs kids she was expecting hard work. She wasn't expecting the gorgeous, but conservative rancher, Will Thrash who wants nothing to do with left-wing hippies like her.

While they both may be stubborn when it comes to climate change, they're much less rigid about considering a summer fling. Although they hate each other's politics, they can't deny their immediate and growing attraction to each other. But when the stakes are raised and they're forced to make a choice what will give? Their principles or themselves?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
May 12, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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OH, Ms. McAdam, how you slay me with your cheeky characters, yummy McSexiness and relevant storylines!

Vegan tree-hugger Marie Diaz-Austin is an animal-loving, earth-protecting, inked and pierced up liberal. She's also quite enamored with the owner of the ranch she's interning at for the summer, William Thrash III. A Reagan Republican, the snuff-chewing conservative cowboy pushes all of her buttons, and she feels like a fraud wanting to screw the stupidity out of a dude like that. But the two can't seem to keep their hands off of one another, and it turns out that beneath Will's gruff, strong opinions is a sweet as hell man who likes to rile Marie up almost as much as he likes to make her smile. There's no way that the two of them could ever make a REAL go at it, right?

Ya'll, I don't know about you, but this presidential election cycle sure has shown me the difference between the levels of insanity that people in politics exhibit, so the timely release of THE STARS IN THE SKY both charmed and fascinated me. I LOVED Ms. McAdam's first book in the Giving You... series, THE SUN AND THE MOON, and I'll admit to being a bit worried about a sophomore slump with this book, but the author totally delivers in the most kinky, delicious ways!

Marie is this inked up crunchy California granola type of chick, while Will is her polar opposite in just about every way. Except the bedroom (and truck, and bathroom, and barn...). The two are irresistible together, and I found myself wondering if I'd have the guts to hook up with anyone who thought The Donald's views had merit.

The sex...good LAWD the sex. It was so good ya'll. Like really good. They were both exhibitionists, both into long hard nights and a nice amount of kinky shit. Of course, the opposites attract storyline is nothing new, but Ms. McAdam made it fresh and fun and so relatable. I hope that she brings us much more of her relevant, real characters and irreverent humor!

Bottom Line: One of the best new authors I've read in a long time, Ms. McAdam has been put on my new-release-must-buy list. I can't wait for the latest installment in the Giving You... series, All the Waters of the Earth.
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