The Sun and the Moon

Leslie McAdam
The Sun and the Moon
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Release Date
December 2015
Book 1 of Giving You...
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

She follows all the rules.

He's going to teach her how to break them.

After a heartbreaking tragedy, successful attorney Amelia Crowley has numbed herself to the pleasures of life, clinging to a specific set of rules, finding strength in order and organization. When she meets easy going surfer Ryan Fielding, that organized life is turned upside down by a sea of washboard abs and sun-kissed hair.

Sexy and charismatic, Ryan looks for pleasure however he can find it in an effort to silence his own inner demons. Until Amelia crashed into his life the only thing he chased was the next wave. Refusing to break their connection and determined to break through her carefully crafted walls, Ryan sets out to throw out every rule in her book and show Amelia that pleasure can't be planned.

Can Amelia let Ryan take the lead or will she cling to her rules and wipe out their chance at love?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
May 08, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Fair warning: be prepared to knock someone off your automatic must read list to make room for Leslie McAdam. Don't say I didn't tell you!

Amelia Crowley can't orgasm. She sure wishes she could, but her damn anti-depressants are messing with more than just her mood. But when she sees seriously sexy coffee shop surfer dude Ryan Fielding, the potential for the big O become a whole lot brighter! Amelia is immediately sucked into Ryan's celestial-like gravitational pull, and her usually active lawyer brain shuts down. And she's OK with that if it means she gets to spend more time in his orbit.

As repressed as Amelia is about sex, Ryan shatters all of her self-imposed "Rules" and makes her want to throw them out the window. The two are nearly inseparable, but will the pain from Amelia's past allow her to truly open up and let herself be loved by Ryan?

THE SUN AND THE MOON is the first book by Ms. McAdam and book 1 in the Giving You... series. Right off the bat this book spoke to me, I mean really, when you open a novel with a woman daydreaming whilst having mediocre sex, you seriously had me at hello. The author also grabbed me with Amelia's struggle with depression. As someone who's battled many of the same issues, I could completely relate to her character. And UNNGH, Ryan! I'm a total sucker for a laid back surfer/skater dude, and I'm pretty sure he's just about the sexiest book boyfriend I've had in awhile. Delish!

I absolutely adored this book, the angsty internal monologue by Amelia felt spot-on, and her traditional Irish-Catholic attitude about sex was hysterical, if a little sad only because I so KNOW that person in real life. Several of them. Ryan was patient and adoring and sweet and I want to take him home and lock him in a room and keep him for myself. And this book is FUNNY. Really funny. Like really realistically funny. Witness:

The snob part of me--sorry, but there was one--wanted to know what I was doing flirting with a coffee shop manager. Slumming it. Yeah, I could be a real bitch. Sorry, not sorry.


Fuckity fuck shit damn fuckballs.

Bottom Line: If you love realistic romance and flawed but fabulous characters, pick up THE SUN AND THE MOON today and start a love affair with this new author!
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