J.P. Barnaby
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
January 2017
Book 2 of A Survivor Story

From her perch on a shelf above my bed, the doll accuses me with lifeless eyes of failing Juliette in the most heinous way imaginable, forcing me to crave the bite of his whip and the steel in his voice to drown out the ache in my chest.

For his entire life, Benjamin Martin's parents drilled into his head that he must watch out for his little sister, but one horrific night, he failed. Now, the bite of a whip, cuffs digging into his wrists, his arms and legs stretched beyond endurance, these things give him what he needs to forget his sister's violent death, at least for a while.

When Ben's latest Dom casts him aside like a broken toy, he manipulates his best friend, Jude Archer, into picking up the pieces. Jude has been in love with Ben for years, but his fantasies about his friend never included whipping him. He doesn't understand why Ben needs BDSM and he worries about Ben's addiction. Most of all, he fears losing his humanity because he's already lost himself in Ben. When he's forced to trade the marks upon his soul for the pain that ravages Ben, Jude learns the real definition of submission.

This novel was previously published under title Painting Fire on the Air, September 2013.

Book Review by Rachel's Willful Thoughts (reviewer)
May 23, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sometimes the solution to your pain has been in front of you all along.

Author J.P. Barnaby shows how the BDSM lifestyle can help a person heal in BEN. The title happens to be the name of the main character. While I've read plenty of books featuring the BDSM lifestyle, this was more on the extreme side.

Even though the scenes were graphic, they provided a clear message of how powerful emotions can be. Benjamin is a sad character in all of his brokenness, yet he's able to find peace through pain. His character is richly described; I could easily tap into his feelings.

The most impressive character, though, seemed to be Jude. He was willing to do whatever he could to meet Ben's needs, even if it meant stepping into the world of BDSM.

Together, he and Ben create plenty of heat in a no-holds barred attempt at creating a permanent connection. I don't read a lot of m/m erotica, but I found this to be impressive, not only in the storyline development but in the depth of the characters.
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