Bind Me To You

BJ Wane
Bind Me To You
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Release Date
April 2016
Book 2 of Virginia Bluebloods
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Camille Statler would do anything for her sister and nephew, including going to a sex club with the intention of getting damning evidence to hold against Joshua's father to stop his custody suit. Despite her plan to concentrate only on her goal, she discovers two things the moment she steps into another world. First, much to her dismay, she finds Declan Whitmore, a man she met a few months earlier is not only a member… he owns The Warehouse. Second, though she's denied her needs for years after the devastating breakup of her marriage, her body turns traitor the moment Master Dec escorts her into the playroom.
Declan can't believe the woman he's been unable to put out of his mind just walked into his club. He has absolutely no problem welcoming her into his club and teaching her to let herself go and find the bliss she so desperately craves. What he isn't pleased about is that while she responds to all he does to her body, she refuses to share what he knows she is hiding from him.
Over the next few weeks, she succumbs to his dominance and responds to his controlling discipline but to his frustration, refuses to reveal anything personal about herself.
The more time they spend together in and out of the club, the more Camille and Dec want each other. But soon Dec discovers her deceit and Camille is left to wonder if she waited too long to come clean with him. Can Dec see past her lack of trust to prove that he will be there for her forever? Or, has her fear of repeating the past doomed her to a future lived alone?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jun 07, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What starts as a private investigation ends up rocking her world.

The Virginia Bluebloods series by B.J. Wane is just extraordinary. From the moment I started reading this book, I was pulled in and I couldn't put the book down. I found myself wanting to get a break at work every chance I could get so I could know what was going to happen between these two beautiful characters. I knew that Camille was going to have a hard time trusting someone because of what happened in her marriage but then I also knew Declan was the perfect person to help her open up. There was one scene that I didn't care very much for Declan because he took advantage of her but I also knew he was just trying to get to know her a little more because she was so closed off. I loved seeing Nate and Eve again and glad that their plans to marry are still in the works. I loved how Nate made Eve's dream come true. Nate was perfect for her and now it's time for Camille and Declan to have their happily ever after.

Camille is a bright young woman but the events in her failed marriage scarred her and she has closed herself off from any intimacy. There was something about her that I was able to connect with and maybe it was her staying away from the intimacy and finding someone else. I loved how she wanted to protect her nephew and wanted to do whatever possible to make sure that not only her nephew but also her sister were not hurt by this man. She had the guts to go to the Warehouse and seek Joshua's father but what she didn't think was running into Declan and the pitter patter her heart did when she was close to him.

Declan had been intrigued with Camille from the very first time he met her when Eve was in the hospital. There was this urge to get to know her and now she was in his territory and he wanted to do all these wicked things to her. He just didn't know that it was going to be so hard to tear down those thick walls. From the moment that he spoke with her and he tried to get her to open up, he knew she was hiding something. He thought that if he would have her at least one time he would be able to get her out of his system, in his dreams. As time passed he was finding it hard not seeing her; he would get irritated because he wanted for her to spend the night with him, maybe go out on a date but nope.

Camille couldn't believe that she had not had any intimacy in so long now that Declan had taken her she just couldn't stay away with from him. I know there were times she would get irritated with him especially because of his endearments but believe me there would be no way I would be irritated. The first time that she was punished she felt so bad she didn't want Declan to look at her with disappointment; she wanted for him to look at her with pleasure. Things were looking great for them even though she resists him; the black cloud finally passed over them. I couldn't blame Declan for being so angry and Camille would soon do whatever she could to get his forgiveness.

BIND ME TO YOU was a fun and erotic read that I enjoyed immensely. I loved the instant chemistry between these two characters. The pace of this story was perfect and I loved how detailed the story was. I also love stories that have both POV because I love knowing what both characters are thinking. There was one little thing that I would have loved for this book to have and that was at least one more chapter. I thought that it ended too quickly and I wanted to know what Declan thought about her secret.

As for the love BJ Wane knows how to tastefully write sexual scenes. Just to warn readers there are bondage scenes, anal play, male-male-female play, flogging but do give this book a try; these scenes are not too graphic but I will say they are extremely HOT. BJ Wane's writing is unique. These characters were perfect for each other; I was able to feel their emotions as their emotions felt raw and so real.

I can't wait to see if it will be Fin or Wes who finds the love of his life next! I totally recommend this read!!
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