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Cedrona Enterprises
Release Date
April 2016
Book 8 of Game On in Seattle
Contemporary Romance

The wild child of the family, Bellani Maxwell, endures a brutal attack and runs to hockey star and occasional hookup Cedric Pedersen for comfort and healing. Only Cedric is tired of their on-again, off-again relationship, and he wants to be all-in or all-out. Can Bella move past her trauma and finally commit or will she let him go one final time?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jul 28, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A life-altering situation changes her, but in the end she finds herself. But the most important thing she finds out is that she is truly lovable.

I was so excited to read Cedric and Bella's story. I loved them together, but I knew that it was going to be a rollercoaster ride when it was time for their story. I knew by reading the synopsis that Bella was going to go through something brutal but when I was actually reading it, I felt so bad. She was a wonderful, free spirit woman and afterwards something changed in her and I wanted the old Bella back. Cedric was full of himself but he was worthy of love just like Bella.

Bella is a beautiful athletic woman that didn't know what she wanted in life. Everything that she had started she ended up leaving before she failed. She didn't think she was lovable and that was far from the truth. She went out and had fun but in the end there was one man she thought of. So when she saw him enter the pub with a blonde, she left.

Cedric was at the top of his game, at least professionally. Since he was a young child, he loved hockey and he had his uncle to thank. His uncle taught him how to skate but when his uncle committed suicide, things changed. Now he didn't speak with his parents plus he was an only child so his life consisted of playing hockey and hooking up. But that all changed the moment that he met Bella at a party. He couldn't stop thinking about her and he had not been with another woman since her. Cedric couldn't believe what he was thinking--he wanted an exclusive relationship with Bella.

That dreadful night when things changed, the first person that she could think about was Cedric. Cedric couldn't believe his eyes and the moment that he looked at her, he wanted to kill. I already knew from that moment that their relationship was going to be strained. She was going to have nightmares, she was not going to be able to stand someone touching her intimately, not even a hug. The other thing that I had trouble with was her not talking to her sisters, especially when she had people around her that could help her and to talk with.

There were a couple of scenes in this story that did make me laugh and that was when Cedric walked in after he left for a couple of away games. I couldn't believe that she had gotten him new furniture in pastel colors. LOL Then there was the scene that I just couldn't help but go "aw" because Bella and Rumble were perfect for each other. Rumble had been beaten and he wasn't a protector but he was a great friend. There were two more scenes that had me in tears and that was the conversation between Bella and her mom. I couldn't help it but tears did form. Then the final scene was when Riley talked with Bella about what happened when he thought he was going to die. Riley was a very smart young man that wanted to help Bella but Bella needed to want the help herself.

BODYCHECKING is the seventh installment in the Game on in Seattle and it was a great read. I thought it was extremely emotional but beautiful. It was beautifully written, everything felt so real and I connected immediately with the characters. I love when the storyline just pulls me in from the beginning and when I get to the end I'm heartbroken because it's the end but at the same time I'm just happy because they are happy.

As for the chemistry between Cedric and Bella, all I have to say is that they sizzle together. I loved that Cedric never gave up on Bella and he went at her pace and never pushed her to do something more than what she could handle. I'm also glad that Bella didn't push him away too much even though I knew her moving out of his apartment was a way of her trying to rebuild her life. I knew she needed time but I'm happy that no matter what, she didn't push him away so far that they were able to rekindle and work on their relationship.

I totally recommend this story along with all the other books in this series.
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