Heart's Protector

Erzabet Bishop
Heart's Protector
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Release Date
December 2016
Book 2 of Westmore Wolves
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Two gargoyles and a woman who needs them…

Medina Argos is a woman on the run from her present and her past. One of three sisters in an international art theft ring, she flees when a routine art heist goes too far. But this curvy girl is about to learn that some hearts beat to a different drum and the road to love is sometimes the less traveled one, even for a woman with secrets.

Thomas Sauveterre is a renowned art restoration specialist. Nothing is more important to him than his daughter, Gabrielle. When he takes on the largest project of his career, he also gains a security officer in the bargain. But love can be hiding in the most surprising places if he can only open his heart to find it.

Grayson Maberry is a man on the brink. Charged with protecting property and guarding the family he's currently assigned, he is torn by duty and a love that may never be. But a true guardian will wait forever and this gargoyle may have just met his match. Twice.

Book Review by A Dirty Gurty Girl Reads (author,reviewer)
Jul 11, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This was a tough book for me because I LOVED the concept and the baseline of the story. OMG, talk about ORIGINAL.

Thomas and Grayson are gargoyles. In a nutshell, they turn to stone. Thomas's ex-wife is a grade A bitch and nutcase to boot, and she loathes his career as an art historian. She's bored and wants the money but not the hubby. They have a child together but she soon wanders, and Thomas can take it no more when she sleeps with his colleagues and ruins his reputation.

Grayson is a bodyguard. When Thomas has to restore some pieces of art for a local pack, Grayson comes along to protect the art and the restorer. When they meet, it's BOOM. Thomas realizes his bitch wife wasn't his mate, but Grayson is.

However, after a crazy night where said ex tries to top herself... well, it's put him off romance. Even one with a definite HEA at the end.

Medina is a Gorgon. She's frickin' Medusa! (How awesome?!!) She has a complicated past, and her abilities make her the perfect thief. She is the only one of the Gorgon sisters to be mortal, whereas they are immortal and very unsympathetic to the problems that come with being a human. She has had many past lives and can remember them all. When she realizes her sisters are manipulating her through messing with her meds, she decides to leave and becomes the tutor for Thomas's daughter.

So, for a short book, that back story was BOOM. Fab, right?

I loved the unusual concept of a Gorgon sister being the heroine--because let's face it, when we think Medusa, we don't think romance novel heroine. We think grade A bitch and total cowbag for trying to turn Greek champions to stone.

And gargoyles? Those ugly monsters stuck on top of buildings, loaded with pigeon poop etc? Yup, not your go-to romance heroes.

But, OMG, these three characters were fab, fab, fab. Loved them.

So, why the three stars? If I loved it so hard, why am I being tight?

Because I loved the characters but not the story.

Some parts of the story left me confused, others left me feeling robbed. I understand the limitations of a short story--authors don't write books with the intention of a work being a set number of words. The story goes where it goes. But I feel with a bit more time, this book could have been three, FOUR times as long. It's not often you can say that with a novella of this length.
That's the power of the worldbuilding here, though. The pages screamed with potential for more.

The relationship with the Gorgon sisters felt rushed, and I don't understand why she was mortal while her sisters weren't. The pack Thomas had to work for, I felt like there was a tale there to be told, but I was just left with questions. And then, after the triad meet, there was a time jump forward. Things were told but the story wasn't expanded upon, and I felt cheated. That was the point when the three were coming to learn one another, but that didn't happen.

So, it's with a heavy heart I do give this book three stars. I feel rotten, I do. I'm tempted to give it four because dayum, Thomas, Grayson, and Medina were highly unusual, but I was just left with too many niggles.

What I would say though is read it. Fall for those three, because my goodness, talk about an original triad. If you don't wish you were Medina, even with the icky shifter-thing she has going on, then there's something wrong with you. Lol. I'd be the stuffing in a gargoyle sandwich any-damn-day of the week! :D
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