Amber Austin


Release Date
April 2016
Erotic Romance

Miranda Malone is about to embark on the greatest adventure of her life. While vacationing in San Francisco, she's kidnapped at gunpoint by a masked man. As she tries desperately to escape, she notices a tattoo of the Earth on the man's hand and remembers her father's deathbed prediction: "Your future husband will hold the world in the palm of his hand." Her abductor turns out to be a gorgeous Napa Valley winemaker who's running for his life. Eli Hart has uncovered a plot to destroy the vineyard where he works and suspects a French competitor of the crime. He's being chased by two Frenchmen bent on eliminating him before he can reveal what he knows. Miranda and Eli set off on an erotic, magical, and sometimes perilous journey that leads from coast to coast. As they strive to elude their pursuers and bring the criminals to justice, they meet a colorful cast of characters who represent the 22 cards of the Tarot's major acana and who teach them the secrets of life.
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