Love's Bite

Mica Jade
Love's Bite


Mica Jade
Release Date
March 2011
Erotic Romance

For stay at home mom, Ella, Halloween trick or treating with the children was the extent of her ghoulish activities. But her husband, Michael, has plans to bring out the devilish side of her when they masquerade as vampires for a bloodsucking night on the town. Will the vampire fling he has in mind leave love's bite on their ecstasy or will their wicked jaunt put a stake in their passion?

Love's Bite is an 8,200-word short story.

CAUTION: Love's Bite contains graphic and explicit sexual intimacy including some tantalizing uses of fangs. This is an erotic short story.



Michael slid his hand under her mini-skirt. Ella felt her chest tighten. She closed her eyes revealing a sexy vamp design penciled over her eyelids that would revive any undead vampire. Michael's fingers moved slowly up her thighs tracing the fishnet stockings. The tips of his fingers felt the heat radiating from her soft panties. He gently pressed his fingers against the slope of her pelvic ridge. Ella breathed in deeply and opened her lipstick black lips. Michael could see her eyes roll side to side beneath her eyelids and he knew she would not be walking home tonight as she had threatened. He began to rub her clit through the fabric of her panties as he caressed her satin black blushed cheeks with the back of his other hand. Ella gasped and began to moan softly as she felt the heat from her pussy rush through her skin like an exploding wildfire.

"You are so fucking bad." Ella sighed. "Okay, do you want to fuck me now on this McMansion side street or shall we enjoy a little vampire party crashing first?"

Michael increased his circling of her clit. "Are you sure?" He toyed.

"Michael, I knew the day I met you…" She licked her lips as her hips lurched towards each rotation of his fingers. "…That you were going to cause me a lot of headaches and love." She smiled, leaned up and kissed him passionately.
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