The Bride Tournament

Ruth Kaufman
The Bride Tournament

Ruth J. Kaufman
Release Date
January 2016
Historical Romance

The Gone with the Wind love triangle meets The Bachelor in 1462 England. Who will win his hand in marriage…and his love?

Lady Eleanor de la Tour's life turns upside down on her wedding day. Instead of her betrothed, she must wed Richard Courtenay, to whom the king has given his title and lands. Though handsome and intriguing, Richard pursues his father's alchemy quest, anathema to her because the obsession to turn base metals into gold is destroying her father. She wants Arthur, the man she loves and chose.

Richard needs and wants to stay wed to Eleanor to uncover her father's secrets. He vows to win her even as she arranges a bride tournament to find him a better, and willing, wife.

The happier Richard seems with his potential brides, the more Eleanor regrets her choices. But he won't stop seeking the alchemy formula for the king, and she can't stop events she put into motion. How can they attain what they most desire?


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