Black Moon Rising

Alp Mortal
Black Moon Rising

The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
May 2016
Book 1 of The Centum Path Series

We are not alone. A fact that few are party to ... until a cataclysm begins to unravel the threads of the lies that have been told for millennia. Caught up in events of which they have little understanding, Meredith and Caleb are catapulted to the bleeding edge of their personal galaxy and come to understand some of its mysteries. While Jonathan - a pawn in the game of Universal domination, and Bakar - a captive off-worlder, learn to trust each other in hopes of fleeing their pursuers and finding a way for Bakar to return to his native world of Mia Via. Meantime, Phaeton and Craig - outcasts - plot to bring the powers that be to their knees, and unleash the power to travel the Universe at will. And in the background, an enemy - as old as the Universe itself - is beginning to rally its allies and wage war against the citizens of the Centum Path - all for the absolute control of a single, rare commodity - gold.

Black Moon Rising thrusts the reader straight into the heart of the lives of three couples, through whom, we learn the nature of Space, Time and the meaning of Life ... And love.

Black Moon Rising is book one of The Centum Path Series. A series that will build into an epic science fiction saga. As the series début, Black Moon Rising poses just as many questions as it answers - not least, what was Doman's legacy?

Look out for the second instalment, titled The Time Weavers.

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Alp Mortal


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