Confessions of a Paid Companion for Women

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Confessions of a Paid Companion for Women


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Release Date
June 2009
Book 1 of Gifts from God
Action/Adventure Romance, Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Inspirational Romance, Literary Romance, New Adult, Non-fiction, Reality-Based Romance (TM), Young Adult Romance

If you enjoy reading a good book, maybe you can tell the rest of the group & I what the best part of mine is so I can promote it more regularly or consistently? The reason being because I would like to attract the most readers.

I was inspired to write a very detailed book about how I worked a job for women only in Baltimore City starting back in 1993.

Yes, what I do for women simply has to be kept private but only so much as to not let others know what any particular client does with me in her personal life.

The general nature of what I do for women as a whole is not a secret at all. In fact, I share the many great things I do for them in my book and the entire novel is written in a way that allows any reader to join the fun using their imagination. That's how descriptive it is.

Only the wisest of men are smart enough to read a book that is written for & directed more towards women in any case.

In 2009, my Best Female Friend & I began writing and it has been a very enjoyable, exciting & romantic adventure to say the least while you can read all about it. Of course, your comments or remarks will mean so much more if you read the whole book first.
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