Tempted by the Night

Elizabeth Boyle
Tempted by the Night
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Release Date
August 2008
Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

A Secret Admirer . . .

They say he's a shameless rake who cares for nothing but pleasure, a rogue who spends his nights in London's lustiest locales, gambling and carousing until dawn. But Lady Hermione Marlowe refuses to believe that the handsome gentleman she's loved from afar for so long could be so wicked. If only she had a way to prove to the ton that Lord Rockhurst is as proper as the rest. If only she knew what he really did under cover of the night . . .

A Clandestine Encounter . . .

Lord Rockhurst knows what they say about him, and he doesn't care. Let them think his nights are filled with craven debauchery. Only he knows his true purpose, his dangerous goal. But when a mysterious woman falls into his arms—and thereby saves his life—Rockhurst will struggle to save his secret. Who is this creature with such tempting curves and an enticing touch? Rockhurst can only wonder how he can trust her . . . for he knows he cannot resist her.

Book Review by Silver (reviewer)
Apr 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I've heard good things about Elizabeth Boyle, which led me to pick up her book TEMPTED BY THE NIGHT. I expected a good historical romance to keep me engaged, but this book blew my expectations out of the water! What I got was a fantastic story with hair-raising adventure and likeable characters that I couldn't put down!

Lady Hermione Marlowe was invisible to Earl of Rockhurst, on whom she's got a crush. In a conversation with her friends, she made a wish to be invisible from sunset to sunrise so she could learn the earl's secrets, never knowing that her wish would come true, or that she may regret knowing the earl's secrets after all.

As for Thomas, Earl of Rockhurst, he has another identity called the Paratus, where his responsibilities and duties involved watching over and saving London from otherworldly creatures. He became fascinated with his Shadow, this woman who was invisible, never guessing that he'd been introduced to her lots of times before, yet, he'd never given her the time of day, thus making sure Hermione would choose not to reveal her identity. Ever.

Ms Boyle mixed the fantasy and paranormal into historical London (Regency era) and concocted this fascinating story of a world beyond the normal. Though the beginning started a bit slow, the plot picked up from the moment Hermione turned invisible and the adventure began. From there, the plot was tight and paced just right, with equal mix of violence, action and passion, grief and suspense.

The worldbuilding was also done just right, giving the reader a framework for the story without overwhelming us with the details.

Hermione is a delightful heroine, shy and timid when facing the earl, yet her invisibility gave her a certain boldness that enabled her to be herself with the earl. This boldness firmed into bravery even in the face of monsters so evil she couldn't even imagine existed, if only to save her beloved and help him be true to his duty. She became the rock and support that Rockhurst never knew he needed until she entered his life.

Rockhurst is the typical male who judged by appearances, yet I absolutely love that he was able to love his Shadow without ever seeing her. This made for a truly romantic tale that would satisfy true romantics everywhere. I know I was!

Some parts of the story did cause me to suffer a moment of questionable belief, such as when Hermione turned invisible and there's this lady Quince offering to answer her every question about it, but no, Hermione took the invisibility in stride and went out looking for Rockhurst. I thought this wasn't that realistic as Hermione didn't have any experience beforehand with the paranormal, and a normal person would've snatched the chance to have her every question answered before she went haring off for adventure.

Though this is the second book in the series, there's no need to read the first one to understand and enjoy this book. I'm looking forward to how the ring would create havoc next, and I do hope Ms Boyle would continue the tale of the Paratus. I would absolutely love to see Hermione and Rockhurst in sequels.
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