Murphy's Law

Pamela Jo Edwards
Murphy's Law
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Release Date
May 2016
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery, Western Romance

Rae Morgan traded a secure life in Stallion Springs, a small Arizona town, for a life of exotic adventure in the military. When a bombing in Afghanistan left her with devastating scars, she returned home to help run the family business. When her estranged father is murdered, she's shocked to discover that ‘the one who got away' is now the man investigating the crime.

Growing up, Murphy Hawke had one goal—to escape Stallion Springs and the racial bias against his mixed Apache/Caucasian heritage. A murder in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains returns DOI Special Agent Murphy Hawke to his hometown and the ‘girl' he left behind. Only now, Rae's all grown up, sexy, smart, and irresistible. He'd like nothing better than to rekindle the passion they'd once shared.

Unfortunately, she's his chief suspect.

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Jul 25, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Stallion Springs goes nuts as the Apache guardians appear to go on a rampage to protect the Lost Dutchman's mine. Can Rae and Hawke find what really matters or will they too catch gold fever?

Murphy Hawke and Rae Morgan were high school sweethearts. It broke Rae's heart when Hawke went to college and she was left behind in Stallion Springs. Rae hoped to go away to school as well but her mother Elizabeth and her new stepfather Pete decided to open a riding stable so there was no money left for her schooling. They also needed her around to help out. She found another way out when she joined the army. Rae met Hawke one last time five years ago; he was home for his uncle's funeral and she was about to ship off for basic training. Her one-night stand left Rae with a new addition in her life; her name is Tara and she's now four years old and she wants a daddy.

Now, Hawke is back in town and one look at Tara is all he needs to know that she's his. Unfortunately, he's back in Stallion Springs investigating a murder where Rae is the prime suspect. The body Rae found beheaded on her morning guided trail ride turns out to be her deadbeat dad Jackson Morgan.

As Rae and Hawke investigate they learn that Jackson had discovered the location of the Lost Dutchman's mine. It also becomes clear that Rae is the target, not the killer as more victims appear and Pete takes an unhealthy interest in his granddaughter. Can Hawke save his girls and catch a killer or will a madman get away with Tara and the gold over Rae's dead body?

Pamela Jo Edwards presents a fast-paced thrill ride with her novel MURPHY'S LAW. The idea that Hawke is cursed because his first name is Murphy is an interesting idea that works as a subplot throughout the novel. Hawke's bad luck often makes his life better in the end. Like he is asked to resign because of the way he got himself assigned to Rae's case but his resignation leaves him free to make a family in Stallion Springs with Rae and Tara.

There are enough missing and incorrect words in the novel that it slows down the pace and serves as a low-level annoyance throughout the novel. Yet it is worth putting up with because the story is so engaging. The multiple viewpoints allow the reader to see things from both Rae's and Hawke's viewpoint as they fall back in love and try to protect their daughter. The supporting cast is well drawn and you can feel the town's fear of the antagonist. It would be nice to have better understood Carpenter's motives as he gave up very easily for someone so involved in the plot against Rae.

Overall MURPHY'S LAW is a great suspense romance and well worth checking out.
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