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Lorie O'Clare
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
December 2010
Book 3 of Leopard Visions
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Leopard Visions, Book Three

Race Ogden craves the hunt as much as any leopard. Whether it is capturing and killing his next meal or hunting and possessing a hot female, the satisfaction of both makes his blood boil. But when he chases down Karma Sheridan, ready to attack her cute little ass, he's met his match.

Karma and her two littermates will do anything—seduce, attack or kill—to protect the calling that runs through their blood. If that means taking on Race Ogden just to give him the piece of tail he appears to want, then Karma will do it. What she doesn't anticipate is craving Race once she's had a taste of him. Craving him to the point where she will risk everything she has ever fought for. But if she's clever, Karma might pull off capturing the male she loves and holding on to her life's calling.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Apr 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This series just keeps getting better and better. The world-building that's being described from one book to the next is superb. The exciting shifter world that is existing right along the human is captivating as Lorie O'Clare illustrates it.

This book focuses on Race. He's one of the older hunters, and he's been staying at the sanctuary that has been set up for leopards in need, helping to build the homes and watching out for the other leopards. One of those leopards that he's watching is Karma.

Karma is the middle of three female sisters. She's hiding a secret and will fight to the death to keep it, but she doesn't expect to come up against Race. The lust that she feels for him is only rivaled by the need to complete the mission she feels she was born to do. What she doesn't realize though is that with Race by her side, she may be able to have it all.

Karma and Race are quite the couple. Both very stubborn and strong but can't deny their attraction and lust for each other. They are explosive together and one taste isn't enough. That kind of primal need is so erotic and keeps me totally entranced.

This is book three of the Leopard Visions series, and while it could be read as a standalone, I think that the reading experience is much more enriching if you read the books in order. The plot that started in the first book of the series is continued in this one, and we see some new people who are sure to have some more significance as the series continues. There's plenty of action, intrigue, and mystery that rounds out the romantic angle of the story.

Besides the great story and hero and heroine, the sensuality and eroticism that I am coming to associate with Lorie O'Clare is quite prevalent there. As stated earlier, the chemistry between Race and Karma was palpable. They truly burned up the pages. The urgent and sometimes desperate need the hero and heroine felt for each other made me quite a bit hot under the collar. ;)

Overall, I thought this was an outstanding read. With the great plot, hot romance, and fast-paced action, I was truly enthralled from beginning to end.
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