Lady Charlotte's Marquess

Fiona Miers
Lady Charlotte's Marquess
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Self published
Release Date
May 2016
Book 2 of The heir and a spare
Historical Romance

Lady Charlotte is a Duke's daughter to her very bones. She has everything her heart desires, except for the love that she secretly craves. A child of an ugly, planned marriage, she dreads the union that her parents have and swears never to marry for anything less that perfect love.
But that seems unlikely when she lives in a world of rogues, and callous gentleman. No-one is good enough for her and she will not give herself to anyone who is unworthy. Even if her brother's friend Archie is mysterious and handsome, drawing her attention like no other.
Archibald Turner's life took a swift turn at the tender age of eighteen when he learnt a horrific fate had settled on his brother, and Archie himself would inherit his father's title. One of the famed ‘Spares'- he did not want the responsibility of his father's mantle. However, duty called and he turned himself into the most perfect version that he possibly could, dreading the day fate will deliver the ugly blow.
The one thing he can't control is his love for the strong, audacious Lady Charlotte. She makes him yearn for a future that isn't his for the taking; and yet, when she starts to show him favour, the impossible starts to become possible and the dreams the Archie has suppressed for so long, swim into his life in bold, vivid color.

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Aug 09, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Archie must overcome his fear of scandal to win Lady Charlotte.
Ten years ago Lord Archibald Turner (Archie) learned that his brother was dying of syphilis. Archie had just turned eighteen. From that day forth, he has led an exemplary life. He doesn't drink or visit prostitutes. He is always impeccably dressed and he avoids even the hint of scandal. He also avoids the woman he has been in love with for the past six years. Archie is sure that when his brother dies and the inevitable scandal hits, Lady Charlotte Dunford will hate him if he has pulled her into his life.

For her part, Charlotte always figured Archie hated her. He is always baiting her and he almost never dances with her. Yet, there is something about her brother's friend that makes her feel distinctly more than friendly. When it turns out that Archie is the only man in London who fits her requirements for a husband, the couple exchange a heated kiss. After that, Archie can't stay away. When the scandal breaks and Charlotte doesn't turn from him, will Archie be able to overcome his preconceived notions or will he doom their relationship before it can even begin?

Fiona Miers continues her look at spare sons who suddenly find themselves heirs with LADY CHARLOTTE'S MARQUESS. Though still an issue, Ms. Miers has improved her spelling and grammar from her first novel, Sarah's Duke, so that the problems no longer greatly affect readability. There are now only minor grammatical problems. However, the missing and incorrect words still slow the novel's pace and cause confusion for the reader. That said, this is clearly an issue that Ms. Miers is working on and will likely continue to improve on in her next novel.

Oliver and Sarah from Ms. Miers's first novel in this series, Sarah's Duke, reappear and help Charlotte catch Archie. The use of previous characters creates continuity and gives the author already fleshed out secondary characters to work with. Archie's fear of harming the woman he loves with his family's scandal is a unique reason to avoid marriage. It makes LADY CHARLOTTE'S MARQUESS an interesting read with believable motivation for its main characters. Check it out if you like Regency romance novels.
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