Kate SeRine
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Kensington Books/Zebra
Release Date
June 2016
Book 1 of Dark Alliance
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Luke Rogan's assignment is simple: secure young Elijah Scoffield and his mother and bring them back to headquarters--just an ordinary mission for an operative of the Dark Alliance. But Elijah is no ordinary kid. He's the grandson of one of the country's most influential politicians--a man privy to the Alliance's most valuable secrets, including its centuries-long connection to the Knights Templar. And someone else is attempting to capture the boy--someone who's proven he doesn't give a damn about collateral damage. . .

Heartbroken at the lies that tore her world apart, Sarah Scoffield will do anything to protect her son--even if that means teaming up with a deadly stranger. But Sarah soon finds herself falling in love with her dark hero. And as danger stalks ever closer, the fiery desire that claims them awakens in Sarah passions she'd thought dead and buried long ago. . .

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 08, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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There's nothing better than a romantic suspense that combines both the romance and suspense elements successfully!

Luke Rogan has lived a hard life. Between a deadbeat dad, military service and now an operative with Dark Alliance, it seems he's always been fighting for one thing or another. He's been tasked with protecting Sarah Scoffield and her son Eli after finding out that Eli has been chosen as the successor to his grandfather, a high ranking Templar. Sarah was never expecting a man like Luke to enter her life. A young widow with a pre-teen son, she's content as a teacher in her small town until Luke barges in, saves Eli and whisks them both off to his ranch in Wyoming. Can Luke keep them both safe, and his hands off of Sarah, until the threat is neutralized?

I'm sooo in love with Kate SeRine! Her Transplanted Tales series is one of the best out there, so I was so excited to get the opportunity to read DECEIVED. With secret societies straight out of The DaVinci Code, Ms. SeRine has created a world of lies, manipulation, cloak and dagger organizations…oh and some seriously hot sex! I loved Luke, he was totally dedicated to the Alliance but found himself considering a future and a family for the first time in his life. He wants nothing more than to protect the woman and little boy who've wormed into his heart. Sarah was a bit of an enigma, she was a great mom, a woman who was finally getting a lil summin summin from Luke, but by all accounts a bit of a wimp…until her little boy is threatened, then WATCH OUT!! The two of them had combustible chemistry, and the sex scenes were droolworthy!

My favorite part of DECEIVED, though, was Eli! That kid was well written, with just enough snark and eye rolls and little boy wonder to seem legit. All in all this is a fabulous kick off to the new Dark Alliance series by the always imaginative Ms. SeRine! I'm only pissed that I have to wait almost a year for Jack's story in Concealed!!

Bottom Line: Loved this book! I would highly recommend just about everything by this talented author!
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