With Vengeance

Brooklyn Ann
With Vengeance
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Release Date
May 2016
Book 2 of Hearts of Metal
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Katana James is about to become the studio guitarist for her favorite heavy metal band ever—and meet the musicians, music, and man of her dreams.


Twenty-three year old Katana James can shred on the guitar. Not that anyone would know, as she's spent most of her time working on a popular news and gossip website for Heavy Metal fans since her own band broke up. But her dreams are in reach when she gets an audition to play with her favorite band, Bleeding Vengeance. Kat won't let her gender, her anxiety disorder, or even the pranks of a malicious stalker stand in her way. The only thing to threaten her focus? A growing fascination with the group's brilliant, mysterious bass player.


Klement Burke has always been the heart, soul and brain of Bleeding Vengeance. He's the kind of rock star who stays in the shadows, a perfectionist more interested in satisfying his brain than other parts of his body. Until he auditions Katana James. At first it seemed a perfect idea, as he's been aware of her talent for some time. But meeting her in the flesh ignites thoughts far from professional. Despite the conflict of work, the odds against her falling for a geek like him, and a secret he's been hiding, his heart, body and soul now belong to Kat.

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Aug 18, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What happens when your big break brings you true love?

Katana James runs the heavy metal blog Metalness but her dream is to be in a successful band. When Bleeding Vengeance contacts her with a chance to audition for lead guitar, it's a dream come true. She has a shot at being a star and being near her idol, lead singer Cliff.

Klement Burke is the bassist for Bleeding Vengeance. He also has a connection to Kat and knows that her music is just what his band needs to pull them out of their slump. If only he didn't have to constantly remind himself that Kat is a colleague, not his girlfriend, everything would be perfect. After all, there's no real point in putting the moves on her when she's always had a thing for Cliff, is there?

Kat knows within three seconds of meeting Cliff that some men are better admired from afar. Klem, however, gets better the closer she gets to him. When she accidentally ingests a "special" cupcake and it gives her panic attacks, Klem is there for her. He also saves her car after someone puts sugar in the gas tank. Kat can't help comparing Klem to her last boyfriend and thinking how much further ahead he comes out. When they finally let their feelings take over everything seems perfect, but someone doesn't want Kat to be happy. Can Klem protect his girl or will he lose her just as he's finding her?

WITH VENGEANCE explores the importance of building trust within relationships. Klem and Kat each have issues in their past that they have to overcome before they can find each other. Brooklyn Ann paints a believable picture of Kat's PTSD. She also gives enough background for her characters that they read like real people. It is nice to read a book where characters have histories and hobbies as it makes them more realistic. The snippets where the story is told from the stalker's point of view let the reader understand his motivation and enhance the storyline.

The novel grabs you from the first line and doesn't let you go. A stay up all night read.
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