Working It

Leah Marie Brown
Working It
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Release Date
June 2016
Book 3 of It Girls
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Falling in love is always in fashion....
With her trust fund and coveted job at Christian Dior, Fanny Moreau believes she has it all. But when her best friend finds a fulfilling new career abroad-and a dreamy relationship with a great guy, Fanny's fabulous life suddenly feels empty. Inspired to find her true purpose, she trades her cushy lifestyle in San Francisco for an adventure in the Alaskan wilderness.

Everyone thinks Fanny has gone off the deep end. What's a girl with a Ph.D in Prada doing teaching in an Inuit village? Even Fanny is wondering, especially when she comes face to face with Calder MacFarlane. The Scottish search and rescue pilot is everything Fanny is not-selfless, heroic, and used to living on the edge. He's also the man who once loved her best friend. Yet something in Calder's sexy gaze has her believing that she's a woman capable of great things-a woman who might just find her own happily-ever-after, in a place where she least expects it....

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jun 20, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I can't help but picture sexy Calder in a kilt. Lawd have mercy, even in writing, this Scot is delectable!!

Dior devotee Stéphanie Moreau has royally effed up. One drunken night and an ill-timed email has her not only losing her job, but her self-respect too. In an effort to reinvent herself, she's taken on a volunteer position in Sitka, Alaska, and in the airport she runs into Calder MacFarlane, aka Hottie McScottie, the very man who tried to woo her BFF from her fiancé.

Calder is just as delicious as she remembers, and now around teaching locals how to design and make clothing, she finds herself hookin' up with the Scottish helicopter rescue pilot/sheep farmer/sex on a stick. Between bitchy students and bitchin' sex, Fanny has her hands full…and she's never been happier.

WORKING IT is the third book in the It Girl series, this time featuring Vivia's bestie Fanny and her misadventures in fashion and love. I felt a little lost during parts of this book as I haven't read the second story in this series, but caught up fairly smoothly. Fanny is bitchy and snarky and divalicious, but also a great friend and a little clueless about the real world. The sex scenes with Hottie McScottie are yummy, though a bit glossed over and rushed, but that's ok, as this story is more about her finding out who she is underneath the Dior. I love that she was so vulnerable and even more that her bestie Vivia made an appearance! Their relationship is really the star of this show, and in the end WORKING IT is a story about living your authentic self and surrounding yourself with amazing, quality friends who adore and fulfill you. What a fabulous message!!

Bottom Line: Ms. Brown's writing is witty, sexy and poignant, and I love how she makes her point without sounding preachy. Kudos to you once again for an awesome read!
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