Tangled Sin

Georgia Lyn Hunter
Tangled Sin
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Georgia Lyn Hunter
Release Date
June 2016
Paranormal Romance

In a world of encroaching darkness and carnal hunger, a deadly sin awakens…

Bound to a legacy he cannot escape, Riley is a demon unlike any other. With each passing century, his soul grows darker until the seductive trouble-magnet, Saia Sen-Grayson, stumbles into his path and throws his entire world off kilter. But danger has a way of finding him and destroying anything worthwhile in his life.

The biggest challenge in Saia's life is evading her matchmaking socialite mother. Then she crashes into the sexiest man in her aunt's building. One look into his striking green eyes and her fleeing days skid to a halt, except she gets more than she bargains in the sexy, tattooed bartender.
And neither can deny the burning attraction between them.
When his tainted past closes in on him, Riley's forced to make the toughest decision ever to keep her safe. Then Saia's is hauled by a deadly adversary into his dark and treacherous world of Stygia—a place of old betrayals. Now Riley must face his past and accept his future in order to save the woman who belongs to him.

But danger comes in many forms. As he slips deeper into the darkness, Saia will have to overcome her own personal fears and show him her love or lose him forever to a perilous fate…

Book Review by LiaL (reviewer)
Jun 29, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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They both fight their parents' plans for them. He fights the legacy his demon father wants him to accept. She fights her mother for her right to make her own choices including who she will marry. When they connect, the sparks fly. Sometimes you can't fight destiny.

TANGLED SIN is the first book in a new series called Dark Realm. The series is a spin off of the author's Fallen Guardian series. Both series deal with angels and demons fighting the darker elements that pursue humans and other individuals and trying to keep balance in the universe. There are lots of supernatural characters in the mix. The characters in both series lead complicated lives and have made difficult choices that have led them to their current situation. When love enters the picture, it really impacts their lives and leads them in a new direction.

Riley has struggled with his demon side for many centuries. He does not want to live a life like his father and prefers being on Earth. He runs a bar and for the most part has settled into his life. He enjoys women but only gives them one night. His father has not given up yet and keeps trying to send people to get him back. When he meets Saia, he saves her from danger and senses she will bring major changes. He tries to avoid her but it's not easy when she is living next door with her aunt. When it becomes clear that the danger is still very evident, he finds himself unable to push her away. It leads to some tough choices.

Saia is a young woman who has just moved out of the family home and wants a life of her own. Her mother is very controlling and her brothers are way too over-protective. Her family hunts demons but she has no powers. She relies on a ring to let her know when she is in danger. It doesn't alert her on the night she visits Riley's bar and is thankful when he saves her. She is very attracted and hopes it will lead to more. She is hurt when he pushes her away and is confused by his decision about what they need to do to protect her.

While the story has plenty of action, it is very focused on the developing relationship between Riley and Saia. These two have major chemistry from the first meeting. Riley has a darker side that he has tried to keep under control. He doesn't want to embrace the darker elements but he can't totally ignore his demon side. Saia attracts both sides of his personality. He wants her badly but he is afraid being with him will put her in even more danger as he has enemies. Saia has not had to be strong before but learns how to fight for what she wants. She is willing to embrace the danger. She wants him enough to take the risk. These two really become stronger when they work together.

This new Dark Realms series starts out strong. It delivers a fun mix of action and romance and is a great spin off to the Fallen Guardian series. This book introduces some great characters and I can see the possibility for many other intriguing storylines.
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