Summer Hire

Brent Aden
Summer Hire


Brent Aden
Release Date
May 2016
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Melissa is usually an upbeat twenty-five-year-old graduate student, but she's feeling unhappy about her terrible dating choices. When she tries to go out with ‘nice boys', it gets boring and quickly fall apart. When she dates ‘bad boys', everything is exciting, as long as she doesn't care about her self-respect. After her latest ‘bad boy' fling goes horribly wrong on the first night, she's close to giving up on men altogether.
Then she meets Erik. He satisfies her ‘bad boy' craving, but he's a whole different kind of ‘bad', and he's certainly no ‘boy'. Erik discovers a dark side that she's been denying ever since she realized how much she loved being tied up as a teenager. Dating him quickly goes well beyond ‘tying-up', which is wonderful, up to the point that he offers her a summer job as his sex slave. She storms out.
What follows is a deeply erotic and passionate journey, told with emotional honesty and surprisingly gentleness, especially given that it's bursting with bondage, discipline, and kinky sex. During the writing process, the author posted the first dozen chapters on a literature website for erotic romance. Over twenty thousand people read those chapters and gave the story one of the site's highest all-time ratings.
The characters are fascinating and real. The sex is steamy and varied. The story sprawls across hundreds and hundreds of pages. Despite its length, most readers have a hard time putting it down, some staying up all night to finish the book.
The sexuality is explicit, with plenty of ‘safe, sane and consensual' bondage and discipline. Along with heterosexual sex, there are also female-female interactions and a couple of brief scenes that include male-male interaction. All through the book, the tremendous diversity of kinky sexuality is positive, joyful, and inviting.
The heart of the story is the characters, who are delightful, albeit occasionally maddening. Melissa discovers deep friendships, and perhaps even love.
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