For 100 Days

Lara Adrian
For 100 Days
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May 2016
Book 1 of 100 Series
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Struggling artist Avery Ross is barely scraping by. Bartending at a trendy New York City restaurant for an overbearing boss and two weeks away from losing her apartment to a condo developer, she's desperate for a break. So when she's offered a temporary housesitting job, she takes it.

Living at one of the poshest addresses in Manhattan is like entering a new world--one that catapults her into the orbit of billionaire Dominic Baine, the darkly handsome, arrogantly alpha resident of the building's penthouse. What begins as a powerful attraction soon explodes into a white-hot passion neither can deny.

Yet as scorching as their need for each other is, Avery doesn't expect Nick's interest in her to last. Nor does she dare to dream that the desire she feels for this scarred, emotionally remote man could deepen into something real. For Avery has secrets of her own--and a past that could destroy her . . . and shatter everything she and Nick share.

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Jun 06, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Avery Ross is a struggling artist who is quickly learning that living in NYC takes more than hope and a dream. After a brief encounter with a patron at the bar where she works, she finds a cushy gig house-sitting at one of the poshest addresses in the city. With her head in the clouds and her feet barely touching the ground, Avery literally runs smack-dab into a man who's going to rock her world.

Dominic "Nick" Baine is a self-made billionaire who is used to getting what he wants. After a few chance encounters, he decides Avery is whom he wants. In fact, the desire he feels for her is so strong he can barely control himself. Before long, the two are acting upon their intense physical attraction. Nick exercises his need for control and pushes Avery's boundaries beyond anything she could have ever imagined. However, they are both keeping secrets and all good things must come to an end. The question is: Once all the cards are on the table, will their idyllic world be destroyed beyond repair?

There seems to be a trend of stories with a young female falling for and/or being pursued by a hot, dominant male. I wanted to love this book, but it was completely predictable right down to the brooding, broken billionaire. Ever since a certain series about a certain color was released, the market has been flooded with similar stories. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this genre, but if one is going to tackle it, I would hope it would include more than tying wrists with rope and not using a safe word.

Lara Adrian is a great writer, and her Breed series is beyond compare. However, this series doesn't seem to be up to her usual standards. Unfortunately, it appears that she's following the crowd instead creating something exciting and innovative.
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