Snakes Among Sweet Flowers

Jason Huffman-Black
Snakes Among Sweet Flowers
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
June 2016

Two-time ex-con Camden Sanders has decided that Hog Mountain—an isolated community on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia—is the perfect place to continue running small scams without the threat of more prison time. But there are a few problems with this plan. One is the neighborly citizens of Hog Mountain thwarting his dirty dealings at every turn with their kindness. Another is Jackson Rhodes, a closeted Hog Mountain police officer who can see right through Cam's good ol' boy act and plans to catch him red-handed despite the attraction they both can feel. But the biggest problem of all is that Cam's past is threatening to catch up with him, and it could mean trouble for more than just himself.

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Jul 06, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Can two men on the opposite sides of the law find true happiness?

Camden Sanders is trying to escape an enemy from his past. After settling in a quiet community, he thinks he can easily continue to run some small scams on the sweet and gullible citizens of Hog Mountain. Unfortunately, Jackson Rhodes, the local police officer, can see right through his act and calls him out on it. While there's definitely an attraction between Cam and Jackson, a lot of things need to be worked out before these two can get their happy ending.

Cam was a nice guy down deep, even though he was a criminal. He kept trying to convince himself that his crimes weren't really hurting anybody. He was abused as a child and ended up living with a criminal in order to take care of himself. He didn't want this life, and it made sense that he would welcome the opportunity to actually believe he could leave it. Jackson was a hard-working cop who was afraid he wouldn't be accepted by the community if they found out he was gay. As he spends time with Cam, he starts to realize how lonely his life really is. Watching these two fall in love was sweet.

It was enjoyable watching the people from the town try to help each other, and it gave the story a realistic vibe. It was hard to read about the abusive, alcoholic father of one of the families. Cam and Jackson joined forces to help the children out which allowed us to learn more about each of the characters.

I'm not a huge crime fan, and this story definitely leaned toward the crime aspect and away from the romance angle too much for my tastes. I wish more time had been spent on Cam and Jackson getting to know each other, like talking and having fun together, instead of focusing on Cam's former criminal boss.

I've read the short stories by this author, and I really enjoyed his writing style. It was nice to see it carry over to a full-length story.

Love and compassion bring two lonely men together in spite of overwhelming odds.
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