S.E. Green
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S. E. Green
Release Date
November 2015
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

(Warning: For mature audiences only)

For a price, the world's most powerful people can explore their darkest desires. On a private island hidden in the ocean they may hunt humans for game, attend gladiator-style fights, participate in elaborate orgies, and freely indulge in all the deadly sins within the cosplay of ancient times.

Abducted from their life in Miami, Valoria and her younger sister wake up in this secret society, wherein Valoria is condemned to the fights and her sister is taken away to become a sex slave.

Now "property" of a sadistic tyrant, Valoria joins other men and women captives who are forced to fight and maim for others' enjoyment, to run in their hunts, and participate in deviant fantasies. And she's under the cold, watchful eye of Alexior, a hired trainer with his own agenda for being involved in the twisted decadence.

After surviving several near-death ordeals, a defiant Valoria focuses on her training and against all odds soon becomes a favorite. But she fights for one thing and one thing only—to be reunited with her sister and to be freed.

But promises of freedom are sometimes just manipulative lies . . .

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jun 10, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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VANQUISHED is absolutely stunning. From the first page, I was caught by Valoria's plight, but it is her personality that held me captive and kept me turning the pages.

Valoria (not her real name) woke up disoriented and in a holding cell with other women. To her horror, they were auctioned off to the highest bidder to become sex slaves or warriors/gladiators. Though small, Valoria is fierce and fit and trained by her father in some combat techniques. She would do anything to save her sister, who had been abducted along with her to this island where the uber rich and powerful made their own rules...

Valoria is a strong heroine worthy of admiration. We sometimes mention a heroine who kicks ass; well, in this book, Valoria literally kicks ass. And figuratively too, of course. As to be expected, she's the instigator of the rebellion. But more than that, we see her change and grow, we see her world expand to include her fellow warriors as her "family". The romance was understated, but it was fine with me.

I like how S.E. Green crafted her characters, especially Valoria's number 1 "opponent", the person she has the most conflict with--Sera, a fellow warrior. I'm glad Sera is not one-dimensional; thought she's a secondary character, we also see how she changed and grew as events beyond her control buffeted her and brought her down. Yet, her development is believable.

The story moved at a steady pace; there was always something to keep you riveted to the pages, whether it made you cringe or cry or your mouth drop open in horror. The worldbuilding is superb and the island and its special places like The Hole are described in vivid detail. And what I like most is that even in such an inhuman place a The Hole, Valoria brought her own brand and a little bit of humanity into it. The plot was also full of twists and turns that would blow your mind.

I don't have enough words to describe how marvelous this book is. I think what I like most is that even in the midst of gross inhumanity, it only takes one person such as Valoria to bring the humanity back, even if she could affect only the few people around her. One person can do so much, one person can be the catalyst of so much change. Are we ready to be that one person in our part of the world?
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