Tymber Dalton
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
May 2016
Book 34 of Suncoast Society
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Em Woodland's parents moved in with her three years ago, and it wasn't her idea. Her mother's meddling has killed Em's love life. After her busybody mom calls the cops on two new guys next door, Em has apologies to make.

Jarred and Garrison are thirteen months into grieving the death of their love and Owner, Janis. Then Jarred inherits his uncle's house next door to single cutie, Em. They're willing to overlook her mom's antics for the welcomed distraction Em brings to their life. As the three grow close, the men admit their desired dynamic to independent Em.

She's willing to try it. Two hot and sexy Alpha hunks at her beck and call? Yes, please!

But family drama and deadly close calls take Em over the edge and leave her unable to care for herself. Can she let go and let her two switchy men take the reins and prove to her that they want her for life?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Sep 23, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I loved this book! I thought this story would be more focused on a woman who is a switch. It is not. It is a beautiful story of a woman who loves her parents despite their crazy ways.

Em Woodland is single and should be living up life. Instead, she is saddled with a mother who is exhibiting crazy behaviours and a father who suffers along with her. Em doesn't know what happened. One moment she is happily single in a home all to herself. Next, she is held hostage in her own home, harassed by a mother who is never happy.

The character development in this book is fantastic. The characters, Em, Jarred and Garrison, felt so realistic. Em's life is so easy to understand and empathize with. She is a dutiful, loving daughter who is continuously confused with her mother's baffling behaviour. When she should be living her life, she places it on hold to care for her mother. Living in a constant hell, she's finally shown a way out when sexy neighbors Jarred and Garrison move in next door.

Hands down, the relationship between these three is one of my favourites in the series. Each of them are people who are relate-able and pretty much your average Joe complete with the usual curveballs life throws them. Sometimes they are able to handle it. Other times, they need a little helping hand. When the kinky community rallies around them to provide support, it is beautiful to watch. This story is filled with feel good moments.

The kink in the story is also a bit lighter as Em is not in the lifestyle, even if she unknowingly knows people who are in it. I too have been surprised before, attending a kink gathering only to see people I know outside of kink showing up. I understand exactly how Em feels.

This story is more than a budding kinky and intimate relationship between the three. It is also about families and how sometimes, medical problems are hidden and how they impact everyone's life. I loved how Em's family tries different ways to handle Em's mother. What particularly drew me to this is how Em's perspective and experiences are finally revealed and validated. Vindicating Em's stance is so good. Not that I need her family to eat crow, but it is nice for them to finally see how Em suffered and how they contributed to it.

This kinky erotic is a lovely blend of family and lovers becoming a greater community. With good friends, two gorgeous devoted lovers, what more could a single frazzled gal want?
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