Drinking Death

Mara Lee
Drinking Death
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
February 2011
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

And out of the darkness one will rise. One will breed true. One will rule.

Annaleigh Savage wants none of the prophecy and none of the madness that comes from the throne being forced upon her. She has run far and fast and tried to redefine her life completely, and yet they still come. As the last Blood Princess it is her duty to take her seat upon the Blood Throne.

But what happens when the Princess of the Blood decides that the Blood Throne just doesn't suit her? A battle of wills will ensue unlike any seen before. And in this game of life and death, death seems to win every time.

Book Review by Rebecca
Apr 06, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DRINKING DEATH is based on the prophecy: "And out of the darkness one will rise. One will breed true. One will rule."

But Annaleigh Savage, the peculiar kick-ass heroine, wants nothing to do with the prophecy. In fact, she doesn't even want the throne that comes with it. She wants to live on her own terms. She runs away from her coven, escaping what was her prison for centuries, to redefine her life (or should I say death?) completely. At least until her coven comes for her again.

When the book opens, she is working as a waitress in 'The Blood Bank'. One night, she catches the eye of Zane, a dashingly handsome lawyer who comes into the diner for dinner. Zane is immediately attracted to the awkward but beautiful waitress Annaleigh. Even once Annaleigh explains her situation to him hoping to dissuade him, Zane still falls for her. And when the vampires from the coven attack him, he fights for her even though I'm not sure what the connection is that makes him willing to die to be with her.

Both characters have quirky personalities and their motives are confusing. I didn't feel their connection enough to care about them as a couple, and developing an understanding of their characters came late in the book, which made the beginning rather slow. There were parts of the book, particularly towards the beginning, that didn't flow primarily because the scenes were short and disjointed. As I moved towards the end of the book, scenes were more fluid and the action picked up. There were a few times I didn't want to put it down as I felt like I was starting to jibe with Annaleigh.

Since this is the first in The Blood Princess Chronicles, I imagine the author was spending time introducing us to her world and am hopeful the next book will burst with the energy I sensed brewing. While I liked the idea behind the story – an unfulfilled prophecy – since it was unique, the book simply didn't have the flow to keep me interested all the way through.
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