Enchanted Desire

Paul Lonardo
Enchanted Desire


Wild Rose Press
Release Date
June 2016
Erotic Romance

High school senior, Alecia, is returning to school for the first time in over a week since her boyfriend, Braden, was killed in a single-car accident. She is not ready, but her mother insisted that she "move on," so she spends the day wandering the hallways like a ghost herself, going from class to class, her body present, but her mind far away. She breaks down several times before she is taken to the principal's office where her mother is called to pick her up.
We learn that her mother divorced Alecia's father years earlier to be with another man, but now her mom is single and she is running around dating men of all ages, all of which Alecia resents. We also learn that Alecia's mother has long disapproved of Braden because Alecia has known him her entire life and has been dating him since the sixth grade, having never gone out with anyone else.
While in the principal's office, Alecia sees the football team outside on the practice field. They are not practicing, but in a team meeting with the coach. She knows that they are talking about forfeiting the upcoming district championship game because Riley, the team's running back and backup QB, as well as Braden's best friend, does not want to take over the team, feeling it would be a dishonor to his friend's legacy as the best QB in the school's history.
Among the other players, Alecia suddenly notices Braden. No one reacts to him, however, and when she admits to her mother and the principal that Braden was out there, they arrange to have her talk with the school counselor so that he could set up an appointment for her with a psychologist.
Alecia starts to think she really must be crazy, until she sees Braden again. After Riley calls her that night to see if she is okay, Braden appears in her room and begs her to convince Riley to quarterback the team. Braden tells her that no one else can see him except her, and that she is the only one who can save their season by making sure they play in the championship game. It is
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