Ronin's Bondmate

Mardi Maxwell
Ronin's Bondmate
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self published
Release Date
June 2016
Book 4 of Zarronian Warriors
Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Krystali enchantress Belle of the House of Arlyn stands accused of spying and has been banished from her community. The truth would exonerate her but she doesn't dare tell it. As an enchantress she can provide for herself except when it comes to defense. For that she needs a worthy warrior. 

Zarronian warrior Ronin Hughson recognized Belle as his mate the moment he saw her. Eager to bond, he approached her and was immediately put off by her behavior. After consulting with the starship's doctor, he believes Krystali will produce a kinder mate for him. In the meantime, he feels drawn to protect the spoiled enchantress. 

Belle makes sure he knows she doesn't want him anywhere near her. Ronin makes sure she knows he's the only warrior willing to protect her. Resigned to traveling together, they try to ignore each other but Ronin's mating fever and Belle's troubles set them up for a destiny they can't avoid. 

Book Review by A Dirty Gurty Girl Reads (author,reviewer)
Jul 12, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When Belle is accused of spying on her community at her mother's behest, she refuses to confess to her crimes. As a result, she's left defenseless and Ronin, a man destined to be her mate, has to protect her.

Snooty and, let's face it, a bitch, Belle is a powerful enchantress but her mother's power surpasses her own. Since she was fifteen, her mom has been snooping on her and listening in on private conversations. To protect her friends, Belle developed a, shall we say, interesting personality. Making everyone hate her stopped her mother from learning too much about the community and gaining more power for herself.

Ronin is from Zarronian. A warrior, he has a destined mate and he has to scour the universe for her. When he meets Belle, he's not exactly happy his mate is a bitch. In fact, he kind of prefers the notion of a painful death than a torturous life of being mated to a woman like Belle--a traitor to her people and her kind.

This story details the mates' coming together and the path they have to take to realize they're made for one another.

Point blank, I enjoyed this book.

I liked Belle, even liked Ronin. He was a warrior and strong, sexy--yes, a bit arrogant, but still, hot and not too irritating. Belle was smart, sassy, wasn't afraid to make her voice heard. I liked the backstory with Zarronian warriors having to filter through the various universes for their mates thanks to a war that had seen their enemies destroy their's a not uncommon tale found in SciFi romance but I REALLY enjoyed where this was going.

So, why only four stars?

The world building just let me down a little. It's easy to overcompensate in SciFi romance. To go over the top because you want the reader to know that on this planet, they don't drink tea, they drink fermented wombatzi juice (lol.) But in this book, I just didn't feel it.

There were scenes in forests and in the community, and I just didn't get a picture in my head of the scenario.

The story, however, was strong romance, and it tickled me pink to read it. Though the world building was deficient, I just rooted for Ronin and Belle all the way through, and I was wicked mad whenever he failed to see beneath the veneer Belle had to wear to protect her people.

Question is, where can I get a Ronin of my own? ;)
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