Nothing Serious

Barbara Morgenroth
Nothing Serious


Release Date
May 2010
Romantic Comedy

"I was mainlining my modem connection. Some people snort the Internet but I plugged it right into a vein. Very dangerous but all the big girls living on the techno-edge play with injectable Internet." That's how Paige Elliot described her life. She was living in a virtual world until she yanked the plug out of the wall, disconnected herself from the cyberworld and left New York City for the Catskills.

Going cold turkey from her computer addiction is much harder than she would have imagined. Paige experiences deep withdrawals and finds herself trying to score some computer time from her neighboring antique dealer on Main Street, the very attractive Jonathan "Blue is his color and he knows it" Macklin.

In Kanah Springs, there's such a collection of eccentrics, Paige looks positively normal by comparison. With nowhere left to turn, Paige must make a go of her shop, Nothing Serious, which sells urban reclamation fountains among other objets d'art. Once she can breath evenly after adapting to the crisis of having no email, she's able to discern how truly appealing Jonathan is. By then Paige has nearly nailed her hand to the store's facade in an attempt to get her sign up and has traded for the use of nearly every tool in Jonathan's store with offerings of blueberry muffins.

When Paige's extensive knowledge of fine art comes into play at an auction and she spots a rare portrait, she must borrow money from Jonathan to pay for it. Unfortunately the million plus dollars Paige gets for the lost masterpiece, is used to bail out a local character who spells his name with no vowels and who hacked into the computer of a data mining company. The thirty five hundred dollars is a far cry from Jonathan's split and he thinks he's been had. Paige has to scramble to make everything right knowing she loves Jonathan dearly and so deeply the only way she can communicate the emotion is to return to her fine arts roots and paint again.

Is Jonathan Nothing Serious to Paige's future?


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