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Cristin Harber
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July 2016
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Titan Group is expanding! New recruits mean Jared Westin has potential new hires to scrutinize. What he didn't expect was his very pregnant wife Sugar to finagle her way onto the surveillance team as the prospects were assessed.

Her involvement in the simple observation goes dangerously wrong. She and best friend Lexi Black stumble into a problem with Russian mobsters. Sugar is forced to draw on her old ATF tricks, but weeks from her due date, she has no choice but to team up with Bishop O'Kane, a potential-new recruit and Parker Black, Lexi's hacker husband, who must go undercover.

This is special ops novella is packed with high-stakes crime and intrigue, a baby story for Boss Man, and two steamy romances for two of Titan's favorite couples!

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 13, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I don't know one mother out there who hasn't struggled to try and retain part of herself while pregnant/after baby, so I could totally relate to Sugar's quest.

Sugar Weston is a woman who will not be denied, a real live wire. Even though her husband is one of the most respected, and, ok, feared, former spec-ops security firm owners in the private sector, she knows just how to get what she wants from her man. And what Sugar wants is to feel useful, especially since she's pregnant and not her usual ass kicking self.

Sugar and Lexi Black leave town to do surveillance on a potential new Titan operative, but they run into more than they bargained for when the Russian mob shows up on the scene. Between Sugar and Lexi, their husbands Jared and Parker and potential operative Bishop O'Kane, they'll have to figure a way out of the mess they've stumbled into. Oh, and hope that Sugar doesn't go into labor!

Oooh, Sugar. I've missed her! I love Ms. Harber's Titan series, and Sugar's special brand of crazy makes her one of my favorite characters! This was a short novella, but it was still packed with the sort of fun, action-packed plot I've come to expect from a Titan story. Though I didn't dig the fact that the women had to be rescued, having the big bad men scrambling to get to them made for a sweet read. I liked the banter that Jared and Parker had; it was a fun dynamic. And the few sex scenes that were thrown in there was just icing on the dirty little cake. If you're looking for a great romantic suspense author and series, you can't go wrong with any of the Titan books.

Bottom Line: Fun, sweet, sexy and suspenseful all in a luscious bite size package. Yes please!
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