The Cattle Baron's Kid

Toni V. Sweeney
The Cattle Baron's Kid


Class Act Books
Release Date
May 2016
Book 4 of The MCCoys
Western Romance

Quill McCoy is tired of being called Boss McCoy's kid. He struggles to prove he's as good a rancher as his father ever was, but even his ranch hands treat him as if he's still in knee britches.

When Angelique DuVal comes to McCoy's Crossing seeking her brother, Quill has the unpleasant duty of telling her Frenchie's dead. She's also fleeing an unwanted marriage, and his solution is to marry her and protect her from her brutal fiancé.

The adage may be Marry in haste, Repent in leisure, but wedding Angelique is the best thing that could happen to Quill, though it tests his will power, his manhood, and his wish to tell her the guilt he's hiding.

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