Taken by Twin Doms

Kryssie Fortune
Taken by Twin Doms
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Luminosity Publishing
Release Date
July 2016
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

One repressed heroine, twin Doms with sex toys, and a relationship based on a lie.

Too scared to step out of her comfort zone, Molly dreams of submitting to a powerful man's will. When her cousin tricks her into visiting the Pearson twins' Pleasure Hotel, she realizes she could play out her fantasies. Despite the sexual games going on around her, she still refuses to accept her sensual nature.

Steve and Brett Pearson want a sub with fire in her soul. Deceived by Molly's cousin, they believe Molly craves a kidnap and interrogation scene where two men torment her with sex toys before taking her to sexual heights. They'll stop the instant she says the safe word. As their reluctant prisoner, she has no idea what the safe word is.

After the way Molly responded to their dominance, the Pearson twins want to know her better. Can they win her heart after they've bound her, blindfolded her, and forced their BDSM games on her?

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of forced seduction, twin Doms with sex toys, and a repressed heroine who was born to be wild.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F/M BDSM Ménage Romance of 19,172 words

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Sep 02, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TAKEN BY TWIN DOMS by Kryssie Fortune was a fun read once I figured a few things out.

Likes: The premise of the story is always a fun one and this one didn't disappoint in that regard; interactions between Molly and the twins; her struggles letting herself go and simply enjoying herself; the happily ever after.

Dislikes: The cousin--while I realize that she is the antagonist in the story, her supposed transformation was a bit too easy for me and seemed to stem more from a desire not to look bad than actually feeling bad about what she did. The opening scene--I had to read it twice before I figured out that it was Angela who was getting married and this was HER bachelorette (hen) party. Given how much Molly's internal thoughts went to her crush on the twins when she was in college, I was left wondering why she didn't tell them. The numerous grammatical issues, missing words, and wrongly chosen words--they were enough to distract from the story.

Overall, I liked the intent of the story. All the elements were there, the BDSM scenes were scintillating and aspects of it were downright sensuous. But it was in absolute need of a final polish to clean up the issues and some were bad enough that it affected the story; particularly when I had to re-read sections to figure out what was said (hopefully, my copy is an earlier version and not the final one). Of note, there are terms used that may be unfamiliar to the US audience but it didn't detract from the story for me.
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