Off Limits

Lola Darling
Off Limits
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Release Date
July 2016
Contemporary Romance

I hate Max Davis.

I hate his cocky, overconfident smirk and the way every woman in the office drools over him. I hate the irresistible way he fills out his suit and his manwhore ways. I hate his tempting touch and the way he makes me want to break all the rules. His Clark Kent Glasses, his cheesy sense of humor, his animalistic desire to have me—on my desk, against the filing cabinet, spread out across the conference table.

I hate that he's my number one competition and if we're caught, I lose it all. And most of all, I hate that he's off-limits and I just can't stay away.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 04, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When I read that Ms. Darling's bio listed her affinity to lip balm, I just knew I found a kindred spirit and HAD to read OFF LIMITS.

Chloe MacIntyre is a workaholic. As a promising attorney, there's only one thing Chloe doesn't like: office playboy Max Davis. Sure, Max is drop dead gorgeous, but sometimes it seems like his entire job is driving her crazy! Max has been lusting after Chloe since he met her, and he's a little concerned that he gets hard as a rock when she starts running her snarky little mouth. When the two are paired together on a career-making celebrity case, they find it almost impossible to keep their hands off of one another. Soon, the two are burning up the sheets (the tables, the walls), but when faced with a demanding work load and outside issues, can their tenuous relationship survive?

I'm seriously wondering where Ms. Darling has been my whole erotic loving life, because Chloe and Max's story is über yummy! Told from dual POV's, OFF LIMITS is a delicious piece of mind candy that I desperately want more of!! Chloe comes off as bitchy and a little frigid at first, but seriously folks, once Max cracks that icy exterior, the heat just about engulfed my kindle! Their chemistry was literally some of the best I've read, the tension between them before even KISSING was almost O-inducing. And after that point of no return? Yea, let's say you'll need some privacy and emergency batteries on standby.

And Max, Max, Max. Once again, I have a new book boyfriend. He's flirty and cocky and sexy and sweet and generous and smart as hell. He's not what he seems, which just drives Chloe even crazier. I absolutely LOVE these two together! I desperately want to work my way through Ms. Darling's other works!

Bottom Line: Pick it up. There's nothing earth-shatteringly new in here, but it's so well done that you'll feel like there is!
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