Lexi Blake
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DLZ Entertainment, LLC
Release Date
July 2015
Book 1 of Masters and Mercenaries: Topped
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

*** Previously included in the Sweet Seduction boxed set. ***

A man who lost his future…

Macon Miles knows what it means to make sacrifices for his country. Married to his high school sweetheart, he once had a promising future in the military and everything seemed complete. All that changed when a routine patrol in Afghanistan turned into a nightmare. When the dust settled, Macon had lost his career, his wife, and his leg. Lost and alone, his only comfort comes from his newfound love of cooking. When his estranged brother, Adam, offers him a new home and a chance to work at a friend's restaurant in Dallas, it's an offer he can't refuse.

A woman searching for the past…

Allyson Jones made her foster mother a deathbed promise. She would find out what really happened to Ronnie in Afghanistan. Ally doesn't believe the Army's reports about her foster brother's death, and she knows only one man can tell her what really happened—Macon Miles. Following him to Dallas, she gets a job working alongside him at Top, Sean Taggart's decadent new restaurant. She is sure Macon is hiding something about Ronnie's death, and she'll do whatever it takes to unravel the mystery.

When circumstances force Macon and Ally together, their chemistry is hotter than any dish at Top. But when Ally's deception is exposed and the truth about Ronnie's death is revealed, will they be able to reclaim the love they've lost?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 22, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Alert! Kitchen romance with elements of drama and lots of hot sex!! The trifecta!

Macon Miles once had a wife, a family and a dog. But an IED took all of it, along with most of his leg. Wallowing in his own depression seems like a good solution, until his brother Adam shows up to beat some sense into him. Adam takes him back to TX, moves Macon into his guest home, and sets him up as a pastry chef at Sean Taggart's restaurant Top.

Sarah Allyson Jones was frustrated by Macon's refusal to speak with her to discuss how her brother, a member of his team, died. Seeking him out and joining the staff at Top, Ally knows she should tell him who she is, but she's quickly falling for the damaged man. Will their relationship survive their lies of omission?

LUSCIOUS is book 8.25 in the Masters and Mercenaries series by the talented Ms. Blake, and also book 1 in her Topped series. I'm obsessed with kitchen romances, MAYBE even more so than MMF or GOOD romantic suspense stories. Okay, that may be a lie, but it's close. LUSCIOUS was a delectable combination of cooking, cock and concealment, and I found myself looking past the things I found irritating just because of that fact. Like Macon's holier than thou attitude upon finding out Ally's identity, or how quickly he took to BDSM and topping Ally, and equally how quickly she went from NOO! to OHH! even though they're both brand new to the lifestyle (especially when he randomly started using Shibari rope techniques). Whatever, the man can cook, and that trumps those little annoyances.

The sex was yummy regardless of the rush to D/s and the even faster declarations of love and devotion. Again, whatever. Even books by Ms. Blake that I don't add to my re-read pile are 100 times better than some of the crap I read. I'll leave you with this snippet of hilarity from my favorite character in the series, Ian Taggart, who's definitely the most fabulously grumpy and badass and sarcastic of the bunch:

One side of Big Tag's mouth tugged up. "I like the way you think, mini pie maker. You two should fuck regularly and have a bunch of pie-making babies."

Bottom Line: Not perfect, but still a great addition to the Masters and Mercenaries series and fab kickoff to the Topped series!
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