BIRDWOMAN: Memoirs of a Lovesick Siren

Anne Carlisle
BIRDWOMAN: Memoirs of a Lovesick Siren


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Release Date
March 2016
Book 1 of Diaries of a Siren
Fantasy Romance, Memoir, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

BIRDWOMAN is paranormal romance with cross-appeal for classical readers and science fiction buffs.
The year is 2016; the place, a remote Wyoming village haunted by events from homesteading days. Destiny Dragoman, a siren-in-human-form, is writing her memoirs in the aftermath of a family real estate war escalating into tragedy.
Having an instinct for helping others that is unusual among her kind, the 23-year-old prodigy advises the lovelorn in her popular, internationally syndicated column, "Ask Dear Destiny." But can this astute young lady help herself, her family, or her endangered tribe?
Perhaps she is fated to bring evil into the world, as the villagers have accused the women in her family for a hundred years. Destiny can have any man she likes, so long as she likes him dead. This is the nature of the family curse, as she learns from a siren ghost, Cassie-with-six-names, whose brash exploits at the turn of the last millennium were countered by a Lakota Sioux hexing.
The sirens migrate between homes in rural Wyoming and decadent Key West, tiny microcosms where extremes of sexual and religious passions collide. The novel's arc follows the maturation of Destiny and a deepening family rift through the first two decades of the present millennium. Destiny's personal journey proceeds from adolescent sexual awakenings, through flights of fancy and internet dating, to an intimate and unexpected reunion with her oldest and truest friend.
In a game-changing twist, Dr. Ron Worthing is more than the sweet lover he appears to be. But Destiny must set aside their promising romance as the family crisis comes to a head. On the winter solstice of 2015, she is forced to choose between the life of her ailing paranormal mother and the life of her sociopathic human brother. The guilt she feels over her powers and her choice gives us reason to believe in Destiny's future and in the advancement of the human race.


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