Dark Secrets

K. R. Bailey
Dark Secrets
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Release Date
August 2015
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Determination will carry her through if what she discovers doesn't kill her.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Sep 12, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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DARK SECRETS by K.R. Bailey is a romantic suspense novella with an interesting suspense plot. I always enjoy a new twist and this novella is set in West Virginia and revolves around the ginseng root hunting and harvesting trade.

Moira Dawson goes into a small West Virginia mountain community posing as a journalist interested in the ginseng 'sang' trade, but she is really trying to find out more about how and why her brother was found dead there a year ago. Her best friend Peyton sets her up with her friend John Holcomb to show her around. She is never truly comfortable around John, but she can't say why. When he takes her ginseng root hunting on private property, they are confronted by a mountain man with a shotgun.

Beau Johnstone is sick of the destruction the diggers cause on his ranch and so he confronts the trespassers. Moira is scared of the big man, but also intrigued. Beau wants Moira away from John for her safety and also because he is personally interested in her. When he tells Moira he found her dead brother and strange things are happening in two barns in the area, she no longer knows who to trust. Her questions could get her as dead as her brother.

This novella has surprising twists and turns in the plot. The premise was very interesting. I had a problem though warming up to the characters. The sex was all behind closed doors and I didn't know why she would trust him enough to sleep with him, when she didn't trust him in regards to her brother's death. Intrigued yes, sex no. Good story telling, but the romance didn't work for me.
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