Luke's Absolution

K.L. Kreig
Luke's Absolution
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K.L. Kreig
Release Date
March 2016
Book 3 of The Colloway Brothers
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Demons. Regrets. Absolution.

Luke has lived on the wrong side of the law since he was seventeen. His hands are stained and his soul is black, but the worst sin he's committed is falling in love with his brother's girl. Then he met her. Addy Monroe is pure, innocent and stubborn as an ox. Even though he doesn't deserve her, Luke will stop at nothing to have her. But just when happiness is within his grasp fate rips her away, reminding him once again that there is no absolution for sinners. Will Luke be able to let color fill his blackened soul?

From the first time Addy saw Luke Colloway over ten years ago she wanted him. Addy has been attracted to rough, crude, inked bad boys with a bike planted securely between their thighs and wicked promises falling from their lips her entire life. Every one of them has let her down. Every one of them has broken her heart. Every one of them has put her second. She's never going to let that happen again. When Luke promises her a future, will Addy let him in only to have her heart broken again?

Book 3 in a 4 book series. Each book features a different brother and each can be read as a STANDALONE. To get the full Colloway Brother experience, however, it's most enjoyable to read in order.

***Mature readers only, 18+. Features alpha men with foul language and penchant for hot sex.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 17, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Christ, I want to debauch Addy in so many ways I need a goddamned journal to note them all, like a bucket list, so I can tick them off one by one after I enact each wicked fantasy currently racing through my mind.

From previous books, I just knew Luke's story was gonna be a deep one. No rainbows and unicorns for this Colloway brother...his past is dirty and gritty and sad.

Growing up, Luke Colloway had everything a kid could want: supportive parents, great siblings, a nice home and a future in the company his father built. The possibilities for the future were endless. But one dark teenage day sent him down a different path, one laced with drugs and gangs, one he wouldn't be able to get of of until adulthood. Now a private investigator in Chicago, he's working on his relationship with his family, but it's a certain sexy hellcat he can't get out of his head.

Addy Monroe is always attracted to the wrong kind of man, and Luke Colloway is most definitely not good for her. Too bad she wants him with a ferocity that she can't deny. When he decides he's going to move in with her, Addy just knows it's a matter of time until she gives into his wicked suggestions and electric touches. But it's clear that Luke is a broken man, and it might just take Addy's own soul to help him fight his demons.

Nnngh...Luke. I fell in love with him in Forsaking Gray and was so excited to finally get to his story, which echoes what so many people go through after making the wrong choices in life, what could happen to any of us at any time. He was remarkably positive for someone who's been through hell and come out the other side, other than assuring everyone around him that he doesn't deserve absolution, family, or Addy. He constantly called Addy his "color"; after so long in a dark, black world she brightens it up and makes him see things in a new way, which I thought was sexy as hell. They're so good together, she helps him carry the burden of his past when he wasn't even looking for assistance. She's a bit of a loud, shrill woman, but her ferocity only fuels his animal nature. Their sex scenes are rough, raunchy, raw, decadent and wickedly erotic…their chemistry is totally explosive and so so fabulous. This is a seriously awesome series and I can not wait for the final book about Connelly!

Bottom Line: I don't want to give too much about Luke's story away since it's just so sad, but I'll just say that this one is worth reading for so many reasons.
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