Gideon's Angel

Tianna Xander
Gideon's Angel
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Release Date
July 2016
Book 4 of Chosen
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

A centuries old vampire meets his mate in a surprising twist that suddenly makes dying not an option.

Tara Torolf, a curvy forty-something vampire slayer, meets a man she can't resist while dropping off a newly turned immortal to a council safe house. Her sardonic sense of humor can't get over her usual luck when she discovers the sexy vampire is determined to kill himself before he turns rogue. Unfortunately, everyone knows a vampire's mate is always an inter-dimensional guide—which is something she is not, so any possibility of a long-term relationship is out of the question, but a fling might just pull the tall, dark and handsome vampire out of his funk for a little while.

Gideon Molfetta is one of the oldest among his kind. He is also one of the most talented, though few know of the abilities which he keeps hidden. Tired of the aching loneliness and fearing he is on the verge of turning rogue, he craves for the solace of death—until he meets a curvy human destined to be his.

Tara soon gets her chance when the two of them are thrown together in an effort to keep Tara alive. Tara can think of worse things than having Gideon Molfetta as her bodyguard, if she can get over his annoying habit of speaking to her in a language she doesn't understand. Can Gideon keep Tara safe from the demon after her, or will his greatest fear of losing his mate send him over the edge and into the darkness?

Book Review by Elizabeth Ramsay (reviewer)
Jul 25, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Journey with Tara as she discovers the difference between love and lust in GIDEON'S ANGEL.

Gideon is a centuries old vampires or Cartuotey as they prefer to be called. He had given up on finding a mate and was at Casa Sicura to ask his friend Micah to kill him before he turned rogue. Rogues are Cartuotey who have gone bad and become addicted to fear-laced blood.

Tara is a rogue hunter. She came to Casa Sicura to drop off Evan, a new turn who tried to attack her. She realized he wasn't a rogue but a new turn abandoned by his maker and brought him to Micah for training. When the Cartuotey realize there is something different about Evan, they consult Gideon and that is when Tara meets him. Tara learns that Evan and Gideon are Abrasai, a type of Cartuotey with special powers. While Tara is fascinated by Gideon, her job is done so she heads home.

Gideon follows her and they learn she has become a target for assassination as she is set upon by her third mugger of the night and Gideon finds a nest of scorpions in her bed. Gideon whisks her off to his home where he also takes over Evan's training. Tara promptly rescues Marina from an Incubus who tries to kidnap her from Gideon's safe house. Unable to think of anywhere else to go, they tighten security on the safe house but the Incubi still manage to retrieve Marnie. While tracking the Incubi, Tara learns that she is not human, but is instead half-dragon and half-water nymph. Tara has no idea what to do with this information and is not sure that Gideon is right since she has always believed herself human.

Tara puts her personal problems on the back burner as she and Gideon learn that the Incubi have been kidnapping underage Guides so that they can assault them when they come of age and rip open the barriers between the worlds, thus freeing their kindred. Tara, insecure in her budding relationship with Gideon, flees when she hears him talking about how the woman is becoming clingy just because he slept with her. She accidentally runs straight into the Incubi. Can Gideon save Tara, Marnie, and the other guides? Even if he does, will it be enough to convince Tara he loves her when she knows that vampire only mate with other vampires or guides and she is neither?

Tianna Xander has woven a richly textured world which, while it includes men with old world values, also includes the idea of female warriors. Though Gideon comes for Tara when she is kidnapped, Tara is no Disney princess to wait passively for her prince to rescue her. Instead, by the time Gideon arrives, she has already broken herself and the young guides out of their cells and is ushering them to safety. She even finds a way to take part in the final battle with the Incubi, despite having lost her weapons when she was captured. It is nice to see a strong female lead, who while she has body issues, can still take care of herself. Tara wants Gideon in her life; she doesn't need him.

However, it would have been nice to hear Gideon's side of the story. GIDEON'S ANGEL is told in the first person from Tara's perspective and that means that the reader has little insight into Gideon's thought and feelings. Like why doesn't he simply tell Tara she is his mate. Much of Tara's anxiety about their relationship is that she assumes she cannot be his mate. There appears to be no reason for Gideon to withhold this information from her. If the reader were given Gideon's side of the story, his actions might make more sense.

This novel is still a great and unique re-imagining of the popular vampire myth and well worth a read.
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