Blind Angel

Keely Jakes
Blind Angel
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
June 2016
Book 1 of Club Latitude

Walking into Club Latitude, Micah Gideon is there as a favor to the club's owner. He is not looking for a slave for the weekend. The last slave he played with ended up dead. When he sees Jimmy Monroe, his plan to spend the weekend drunk goes out the window. He wants the dark angel wearing a blindfold.

Jimmy Monroe has been blind since birth and wants a Master to share the weekend with. His best friend Rio comes up with the idea of the blindfold keeping his blindness a secret. When he is actually bought, Jimmy finds his dreams coming true. Until Master Micah calls out another man's name in his sleep.

Will Micah be able to finally lay the past to rest? Will Jimmy find what he needs with Micah? Will the two men find their way out of the darkness?

Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM, spanking, flogging, sex toys

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Aug 11, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BLIND ANGEL is a great story. It was so easy to feel the emotions and to get completely captivated by the story. It was such a sexy story to read; I was reading it as slow as I could to enjoy the scenes and also to make it last longer.

When his last slave died, Micah decided he wouldn't take any other to home. But when he walks into Club Latitude, he can't take his eyes from the beautiful man wearing a blindfold. Jimmy wishes nothing more than to surrender to a master. He uses a blindfold to hide his secret and when Micah shows interest in him, all he has wished for, it's about to come true.

The plot was nice, unusual, and very interesting. It had some great characters and it was great to see the way the club was interested in the well-being of its members.

One of the things I didn't like about it was how a part of the story was spoiled since the blurb. I would like it more if the fact that Jimmy was blind would remain as a mystery and the reader finds out until the end.

Jimmy was a very mysterious character, but that wasn't because of his blindness. He had little description about his backstory, and under other circumstances I wouldn't like a character that I get to know so little, but in this case, I felt it contribute to the intrigue around him. Micah was a nice character to read about; I liked how easy it was to feel his grief and how believable was the way he was captivated by Jimmy.

The relationship between them was great; it felt very real. The dominance component was a little soft for me, but it felt appropriate under the circumstances of the story. They shared some very sexy moments together that I enjoyed so much.

Overall it was a fantastic story, I loved it. I would recommend it to readers who like BDSM-themed books.
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