Marriage of Inconvenience

M.J. O'Shea
Marriage of Inconvenience
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
August 2016
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Lights, Camera, Lies.

Kerry Pickering has a problem. As a publicist for Hollywood bad boy Jericho Knox, it's Kerry's job to keep Jericho in the news. So far, Jericho's partying and public escapades have made it easy. But Jericho has a secret, and when that secret is revealed in the most spectacularly disastrous way, it's up to Kerry to spin it.

The team decides the best course of action is to make the public fall in loveŚwith Jericho's secret committed relationship. The one that doesn't exist. Yet.

The team wants someone they can trust. Someone in the inner circle. That someone is Kerry. But what will happen when Kerry realizes that for him, the romance is no longer pretend? Can Jericho love him back, or is he just playing a role?

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Aug 02, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This was a great book to read. It was a beautiful, Hollywood-style story with great characters with some attitude problems.

Jericho has made a terrible mistake that might put his career in jeopardy. Now it's time for Kerry, a member of his Public Relations team, to come to the rescue and help him create a believable committed relationship. But once feelings get in the middle, the plan might not be as good an idea as they thought.

The plot was nice; it was fun, entertaining and a very well written story. It got my attention the whole time. It had some great secondary characters, but they didn't steal the spotlight from the main ones.

Kerry was very charming. It was easy to like him from the start. I think most readers would be able to identify with him--the hard working employee who is willing to do anything for his job. It wasn't hard to connect with his feelings and the insecurity he sometimes had. He was great.

Jericho was also a great character. He might be portrayed as the opposite of Kerry, but they really were very much alike in some aspects of their personalities. I loved the hard cover he seemed to have. His bad attitude was a little fun to read, but I guess most readers would dislike that part of him. It was amazing to see the character's growth.

I just loved how realistic the development of the relationship was. I'm not one to believe in love at first sight, maybe that's why I loved the way Kerry and Jericho's relationship was built. It was really sweet and beautiful to see the changes these characters went through during the story and how they had to put their defenses down to be able to make it work.

Overall, MARRIAGE OF INCONVENIENCE was a really entertaining book to read. I think it can be easily enjoyed by any reader who like M/M paring.
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